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Three weeks ago I went on an office outing to Wildlands zoo; it was a day with inspirational lectures and workshops with a bit of free time and food in between:) This zoo in Emmen moved to a new location just over a year ago and parts of it are still not done, but there is a really nice collection of animals and the set up is very promising. The zoo is divided into three continents: Nortica (freezing), Jungola (a jungle with a river) and Serenga (a desert). I made good use of the lunchbreak and walked the desert trail, which was pretty cool.

Before I get to the animals in this picspam, I'm sharing some photos of the journey, starting with parking my bike at the station, mostly because I want to show you our double decker bike racks:)


Now that you've seen those, let's get on the train to Emmen!

IMG_8686-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8688-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
No, this is not Emmen; this is Nieuw Amsterdam, where we all had to get off the train because of problems with the rails. I was traveling with a whole group of people from my department and we were stuck in Nieuw Amsterdam for an hour, so we all missed the first lecture (that apparently included a dance and sing-a-long. So sad I missed it. Oh, did I sound sarcastic?

IMG_8692-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8695-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
From the trainstation in Emmen we walked through town to get to the zoo.

IMG_8697-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8698-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
It's a quaint little town. Wish I'd had more time to check it out (BUT WE WERE ALREADY LATE)

IMG_8699-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8705-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
Still, I had to stop and take a picture of these groovy tiles and the funky art in front of Wildlands. Oooh, that's a pretty cool entrance.

IMG_8710-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8713-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
Yep, pretty cool. I already like it here.

IMG_8714-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8719-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
But first we had to sit down for the last part of the lecture. Fun fact: the slide that the director showed was part of a poster designed by yours truely. I had wondered why his secretary had wanted me to turn it into a powerpoint document, haha.
The music at the end of the opening ceremony didn't require audience participation, but the closing ceremony did; I didn't take pictures of that and let's not mention it again. Time for workshops!

IMG_8726-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8727-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
The conference space in the zoo was gorgeous and I loved the artworks in the hallways a lot.

IMG_8733-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8737-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
I had picked two workshops that turned out to be pretty fascinating; I got to play around making a digital map and I learned about ethical hacking, heheheh.
Lunch was not too shabby; I also had a second kroket, nom.

After that, we had some time to go into the actual zoo before the afternoon workshops. My co-worker H. and I decided to go into the desert.

IMG_8747-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8748-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
I like the set up of an African deserttown, in the middle there was a petting zoo with goats.

IMG_8750-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8753-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
I got a kick out of the decorations (I love skulls, okay)
First animals we encountered are prairydogs, they roam freely, so you have to mind your fingers. Adorbs though.

IMG_8768-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8769-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
The Savanna with deers and giraffes and wildebeasts (I think)

IMG_8773-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8775-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
The group of lions was lazing about hidden from view, we could only see their tails until a loud lady disturbed one of the lionesses just enough to raise her head.

IMG_8779-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8780-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
I don't know the name of this animal, but look at my zoom!

IMG_8781-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8782-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg

IMG_8784-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8785-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
Yes, the toilets. Just because.

IMG_8789-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8794-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
A meerkat on a rock and an unidentified bird in the grass:)

IMG_8798-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8800-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
We know enter babboon territory!

IMG_8804-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8813-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
Got some really good close ups.
The rhinos were harder to photograph, they seemed very shy.

IMG_8818-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8821-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
They put an old traincarriage in the desert, from which you could get really close to the camels.
Those were the last animals on our walk; our lunch break was over and we had a workshop about GPS. We did a fun experiment to test the accuracy of our phones location system. Some people ended up in the elephant's pond:)

IMG_8823-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8835-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
Only virtually of course; you don't mess with the elephants;)
The otter couldn't be bothered to pose for a picture:(

IMG_8840-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8847-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
My final workshop was a guided tour with one of the animal carers. She took us into the desert again, but luckily she had a lot of interesting information about animals I saw before and we took a sidetrack so I saw some animals I had missed on my own walk too:)

IMG_8853-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8861-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
While the zookeeper was talking, I had time to take cute photos of the prairydogs, aaahw, baby fluffballs!

IMG_8864-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8865-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
I had been to the hippo pool with H., but they were hiding for lunch. This time around they were splashing around and really enjoying their swim \o/

IMG_8870-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8871-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
Brown wallabies.
In the distance you can see that old train I mentioned; I really like how they put that out there in the desert.

IMG_8874-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8879-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
The African spurred tortoise was busy when we came by, but it was a quicky and he was in the mood for food right after *grins* (We learned why the shell of a female turtoise is flattened;)

IMG_8905-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8907-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
After that final workshop, we had one more lecture and then it was time for a barbecue in the jungle! No we didn't eat the monkeys.

IMG_8909-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8910-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
When I left after dinner, I got to roam through the zoo on my own for a bit and I felt really good about the day, so I took a happy picture:)

IMG_8914-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg IMG_8915-Wildlands30jun2017.jpg
On my walk to the station I discovered another fascinating tile in Emmen next to the Pancratius church. (I now had time to take a better picture than earlier this morning:)

My co-worker P. caught up with me and joined me on the train. No delays on the way back, yay! I was exhausted from all the activities, but it was a good kind of tired. The day was much more fun than I expected.

I'm very curious what the zoo will look like in a couple of years. I might go back to check:) But first I'm planning a trip to fairytale amusementpark The Efteling; going there next week with my darling nephew. So there will be another picspam of that, you have been warned!

Before that there will be an artpost for the SMPC. If you missed my previous artpost, now's the time to catch up: Vampire!Jensen and Biker!Jared for the SPN_J2_BigBang!

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