Feb. 17th, 2017

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Short workday because I had an appointment for a lung-function-test since I can't seem to get rid of my cough in between those extreme colds I've been having. I don't think this was the right test for that, but I have one of those doctors that prefers to check off a list instead of actually dealing with the problem straight away. *sighs* As I expected I don't have astma. Duh. No idea what's next on the list, we'll see.

Ehm, also: before the test I had to get on a scale and as I didn't have a clue about my weight I didn't know what to expect, but I've been feeling really great about myself ever since I changed my over-eating habits and started daily work-outs last year, so I shouldn't really care anyway, but I was rather shocked and disappointed to find out I weighed over a hundred kilos with clothes and shoes on, djeebus fuck. BUT, even though my first instinct was to go to the store and gets loads of snack food, I resisted that urge and did my regular groceries. *beams with pride* So there.

(I considered not posting about this, but I decided it was important to write it down.)

So. Age of Pandora. Whoa, all new exercises today! I chose to do 10 repeats of both X-moves (Level 3), did 3 sets (Level 1) and I was dripping sweat for real even before I was finished.

Chapter 17 favorite (spoilers for exercises) + preview Chapter 18 )

Last but not least:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] sleepypercy!
May these two brighten your day (and inspire you to keep going on our Age of Pandora travels;) *twirls you*
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