Mar. 7th, 2017

beelikej: (Artwork by me)
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Hey, remember that design project I got at work two weeks ago? The bosslady showed the result to upper management and they were so enthused they now want a poster of their own and they want it FAST. So that's the rest of my week at work planned...

Got a little behind on work-out updates due to fandom fun, so before I catch y'all up on the exercises, here are links to my recently posted artwork!

Papier-mâché and papercut art for the Reverse_Bang
featuring shifters bear!Jeff, deer!Jensen and pink!unicorn!Jared
(includes behind the scenes picspam;)

Paperporn for the SMPC!
an NC-17 scene between (human) Jeff/Jensen/Jared as a sexy follow up to the above shifter story.
(Also includes a making of *grins*)

Last but not least: I opened another round of the MatchMakerChallenge in the [ profile] quicky_bang artcommunity in which I hand out short surprise fics to art for. Come over if you want to play: pick a date in March and choose to art with a 1, 2 or 3 week deadline...

Right, onwards to the Age of Pandora:

Chapter 29-32 (spoilers for exercises and story) )


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