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Almost three years ago Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab stopped making my favorite scent Gluttony. When I opened my new order two weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised when sniffing one of the vials; Cockaigne smelled just like that scent that I thought was lost for ever. Today I finally tried it on for real (I hadn't dared to smell it again for fear of being mistaken) and it had not just been wishful thinking: it is MY scent all over again, mmmmm. I've been walking in a cloud of deliciousness all day.

Cockaigne - from the Wanderlust collection: The weather is always mild, the wine flows freely, sex is readily available, and all people enjoy eternal youth. The Land of Plenty, also called Luilekkerland; the Lazy, Luscious Land: milk and honey, sweet cakes and wine.
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There was no line in the polling station: I could just walk right to the table to get my voting-form. After years of pushing buttons on a computer, we've returned to voting with red pencils on paper since the previous election; I feel more like a toddler than an adult making a BIG decision *grins*

I'm still not able to shake off the lethargy I've been suffering from since the talk at work. (Basically my boss told me he's going to reapply for a license to cut my hours in a couple of weeks time. So, yeah.) To give myself something to look forward to I've made an appointment for a massage. Not totally coincidently on Claimday for the Reverse Bang; it should be a nice distraction from waiting for my art to be picked. I'm going to try a herbal-stamp massage...

I've also treated myself to an order from Bpal, because receiving packages always makes me feel better, even if I send them to myself;) I ordered a bottle of The Lotus Tree, which is a warm honey scent that fits me perfectly. As usual I also added a couple of Imp's ears to try. Will tell you all about those scents when they get here:)
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Ah, that made me feel a little better. Just had to let that out:)

Yesterday [ profile] spn_cinema started and I realized I still haven't finished my artwork for that challenge. My posting date is Sunday November 13. *gulp*
Before that I'm busy with the final touches on my designs for [ profile] spn_reversebang, which will go online on Friday November 11 together with the marvelous story that [ profile] tmn1966 wrote based on my prompt. I can't wait to share that with all of you! *bounces*.

November 11 is St.Maarten's Day in the Netherlands: children will light lantarns and go from door to door singing for candy. Hmmm, sounds familiar? Yeah, kind of like Halloween, but without the dressing up :-p
Speaking of Halloween: I received my order from bpal this week: two deliciously sweet scents in adorably labeled bottles )

Yeah, I may have overdosed on sweetness the last few days. Oops.
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Received my package from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab today and they added loads of extra samples \o/
As if I didn't already have a hard enough time deciding what to wear each morning )

*happy sigh* I'm gonna smell sooo delicious :-)
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Now that I almost reached the end of deliveries from my booklist (only waiting for one more package from The Book Depository), I figure it's time to lighten (up) my workingweek with another order from The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab; I always have packages delivered at work, since I'm never at home during mail-hours. It's awesome to open presents, even if I buy them myself;)
I already know I want to order a whole bottle of Drink Me from The Mad Tea Party collection, because that smells utterly delicious: "...mixed flavour of cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast" :-)

I also found a new scent I MUST HAVE. Not so much for its smell but mostly for its name:

It's inspired by this awesome painting:
depicting the same story as my icon; )

Obviously the scent should fit me, but even if it doesn't, the bottle alone is worth the cost to me;)

I still need to complete my list of 6 samples. I'm definitely gonna order Dorian (Sin & Salvation) and Aglaea ( The Gratiae - Excolo), because I need another dose of both to decide of which to order a bottle. I get to pick 4 more scents. Any suggestions? My favorite scent Gluttony is discontinued (I'll never get over that) and I'm still looking for a replacement.
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After the disappointment of finding out about the loss of my favorite toothpaste* I've had a fun packed week! )

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about myself at the moment. \o/

*If anyone on the flist comes across it in their country, I'd love to hear about it! Please mail or message me if you can get your hands on Colgate Max Fresh Clean Mint (the green sparkly one), tnx:)

**I'm wearing "Drink Me" from the Mad Tea Party set. It smells delicious, according to the descripton: "cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast"! (I mostly smell the tart and toffee:o)

Hot dang!

Mar. 27th, 2011 09:24 pm
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I've lost another one of my favorite products: The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is no longer making the Gluttony scent. I'm more than a little insulted that it's apparently not one of the seven deadly sins anymore. *huffs*
(It almost makes me weep: I discovered that scent when I was struggling through my bra-experiment and it was such a comfort)

I don't understand why it had to go; there doesn't seem to be a scent that can replace it. This happened a lot with products that I liked in the past and it makes me cranky, as I can not deal with change at all. Last week the company that sells my daily dose of tasty, yet healthy snack (a fiberfilled cake) decided to change its name. Even that's enough to make me extremely pissed off and sad, because I desperately want things to stay as they were. *pouts*. But at least it's still there...
From last week I couldn't find my favorite toothpaste in any local drugstore; it seemed to have disappeared from the shops without a warning; I spent half my shoppingtime in Amsterdam last week* trying to find it, but failed. Today I found an online drugstore that offered it and I immediatly ordered a batch. But I don't want to get my hopes up until the parcel is delivered. (As I can hardly believe it really is still available)

*The other half was spent on shoeshopping, that mission was also a failure, hrmpf.

All this has made me so angsty: yesterday I cycled to the supermarket in the neighbourhood next to mine, since the supermarket in my own neighbourhood doesn't sell the flavor I was looking for and I was already preparing myself for another let down. Imagine my relief when they still had my favorite: Hot Dog Pizza! It may sound horrible, especially with the pickles and the mustard, but day-um it's good. \o/ I had one for dinner yesterday and have another one in the freezer just to be safe. Whatever other product will escape me, at least I'll have one more delicious meal to look forward to.
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I haven't done all my chores yet (the dishes are still waiting;) but I did manage to finally write another book-review: Arthur Japin - De Zwarte Met Het Witte Hart (The Two Hearts of Kwasi Boachi - available in many languages)

I still have eight other books to talk about, but what's left of today will be dedicated to fandom. I've been having really awesome chat-sessions with the author who claimed my sketch in the [ profile] spn_reversebang and I am now itching to work on the artwork for this:)

I'm trying a new Bpal scent today: "Haunted" (A mournful, poignant scent, thick with foreboding. Soft golden amber darkened with a touch of murky black musk.). Will review later;)

Last but not least, a question: I have a massage planned in a couple of weeks and can't decide on what kind to treat myself to. There are many options: Chinese/Tissue/Hot Stone/Chocolate, etc. Does anyone have any experience with this? I only had massages from a therapist when I suffered from backpain, this will be the first time I indulge in one for pleasure. Suggestions are very welcome.
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I already tried two oils from my new sample collection of the BlackPhoenixAlchemyLab!

As I posted earlier I received four extra scents next to the six I ordered and wasn't sure with which to start. After [ profile] albeitslowly praised the amber components in one of the surprise scents, I decided to begin with Aglaea from the Excolo series. Its ingredients are: three golden ambers, bright musk, peach wine and myrtle.
I had to do some research to figure out what myrtle is (a plant) and I am still not quite sure what the basis of amber is (do I even want to know?), but the whole combination smells delicious! From the first sniff of the vial to dabbing it on my skin and all through the day the musky scent kept wooing me. It's a little dark and sweet and it fits perfectly with my honey based showergel, shampoo and Honey Suckle body powder. I'm in love.

I had high expectations for the next scent I tried, for some reason I thought Dirty from the Sin and Salvation series would be in the same league as Stinky, a limited edition scent I adored last year (I still have a tiny bit left;)
Dirty was summarized as: "a wonderful antidote to an all-nighter oozing with drunken, addled perversion and debauchery. A fresh, crisp white linen scent: perfectly clean, perfectly breezy."
Of course I would never need that antidote because I'm a pristine woman who only dreams wouldn't dream of such nights, but the description of the scent did appeal to me.
Unfortunately it did exactly as promised: it smells like laundry detergent! Not a bad smell per se, but I associated it with the barf-bucket mom would put next to our bed when we were sick; that too smelled of detergent. It was the sweetest smelling bucket, but I do not wish to be reminded of it. So, if anyone is still interested in the scent after this lovely reference, the vial is available for anyone else to try;)
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Received my order of perfume oils from the BlackPhoenixAlchemyLab today. The descriptions alone already make me swoon. Mmmmmm.
This is what I will smell like for the rest of the year... )

I will of course report about the results;) Now, what scent should I try first? Anyone?


Jun. 1st, 2010 10:00 pm
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The final scent in my 2009/2010 collection of The Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory (aka Bpal;) is HellCat from the Diabolus series: a soft, sensual, luxuriant blend with a wicked bite: hazelnut, buttercream, honey mead, rum and sweet almond.

This actually smells similar to Kill-Devil which was summarized as 'rum-punch'. That description fits HellCat even better; despite the supposed addition of all the sweet flavors mentioned above, it mainly smells of rum. And even though I'm not a fan of alcoholic beverages it doesn't give me a headache. The scent doesn't change at all; it's starts off very deep and dark and stays that way all day. I like it, but since I chose it for the promise of hazelnut and buttercream it didn't deliver. Highly recommended for lovers of rum though!

This was the last variety in my current collection and I filled my last imp with what was left in my bottle of Gluttony, so I am going to treat myself to some new scents this week. *rubs hand* What to pick, what to pick...

Other scents I reviewed in 2010
#1 Stinky
#2 Kill-Devil
#3 Bon Vivant!

Scents I rated in 2009
#1 Gluttony
#2 Vice
#3 Blood Kiss
#4 Dragon's Milk
#5 Wrath
#6 Jezebel
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With every order The Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory (aka Bpal;) tempts me with samples of scents I wouldn't have picked for myself. Sometimes I can tell right away it's not going to work for me, but this one made me curious. I tried the Bewitching Brews series before, but Blood Kiss and Kill Devil were both what I would call 'dark and heavy', while the description of this scent sounds rather light and bubbly:
Bon Vivant!, an effervescent blend of crystalline champagne notes and sweet strawberry.
A little sniff made me smile though, so I dabbed it on for the day. I didn't consciously notice the strawberry, but it has a hint of freshly picked fruit. I'm not sure how champagne smells, I mostly associate it with pleasant sparkles up my nose and I suspect those notes give it the little sour twist. The scent has the same feel in and outside the glass vile. It's definitely a lot lighter than the ones I usually go for; I have a preference for strong musky or candy scents, but this is very nice for a change in between all the chocolate and caramel clouds I tend to surround myself with:) I like it.

Scents I rated in 2009
#1 Gluttony
#2 Vice
#3 Blood Kiss
#4 Dragon's Milk
#5 Wrath
#6 Jezebel

Results in 2010
#1 Stinky
#2 Kill-Devil


Feb. 5th, 2010 09:15 pm
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Last year I focused on the chocolatey scents of The Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory (aka Bpal;) this time I ordered some honey based imps. From the Bewitching Brews series I tried Kill-Devil: sugar cane, molasses, oak wood, and honey. (Rum punch)

I was a little apprehensive about the mention of rum, since I usually avoid links with alchoholic beverages as the smell alone will give me a headache, but to my surprise it didn't bother me. The overwhelming scent is very sweet with a strong undercurrent of honey. It's a heartwarming and reminds me of raisins (I'm guessing because of the association with rum 'n raisins, a common combination of flavours; it's probably rum I'm smelling;). On me it's mostly the molasses that lingers. I approve.

Scents I rated in 2009
#1 Gluttony
#2 Vice
#3 Blood Kiss
#4 Dragon's Milk
#5 Wrath
#6 Jezebel

Results in 2010
#1 Stinky
#2 Kill-Devil
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This is why I shouldn't attempt anything as complicated as refilling a perfume vial when I'm premenstrual; I just knocked over my bottle of Gluttony, spilling half of it down the drain :'-(

Best not to strain myself this weekend. After the inevitable chores I'm going to (try to) relax and turn up Morrissey. *sighs*


Jan. 9th, 2010 09:10 pm
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Last year I started a collection of scents from The Black Phoenix Alchemy Laboratory (aka Bpal;) I ordered smal vials ("imp's ears" or imps) to try and ended up ordering a whole 5ml bottle of my favorite: Gluttony.
I was so excited about the whole experience I decided to get some more scents and continue testing:)

In addition to the small imps, I couldn't resist trying a limited edition, which is only sold in 5 ml bottles.This one was available up until September of 2009: Stinky - Newly-washed skin with a dusting of milk, white honey, and baby powder. Now doesn't that sound simply scrumptious?
I started to doubt my choice when it arrived in a bottle with a scruffy little dog on it... )


Jun. 15th, 2009 09:40 pm
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In the past few weeks I tried the final scent I ordered from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: VICE from the Sin and Salvation category; a deep chocolate scent, with black cherry and orange blossom.

Obviously I loved the smell (CHOCOLATE!), but like Blood Kiss it didn't linger. For the full effect I needed to reapply and I'm not a fan of fiddling with perfumes. (When I get ready in the morning, it's for the whole day;).
Vice is a delicious scent that starts off with just a whiff of chocolate that is later joined by the cherry. After a while there is only a faint sense of chocolate left. It's simply not as stong or overwhelming as Gluttony, which hung around me like a delicious cloud of sweetness all day long.

This is the final top 6:
#1 Gluttony (I'm definitely buying a whole bottle when the imp is empty:)
#2 Vice (even though I needed an extra dose later, it's a glorious scent)
#3 Blood Kiss (also one that need's refreshing, but such an original combination)
#4 Dragon's Milk (cool name, but very vanilla;)
#5 Wrath (what a strange blend)
#6 Jezebel (a beautiful creation, but not for me)


May. 23rd, 2009 12:01 pm
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In the past week I tried my penultimate scent from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: WRATH from the Seven Deadly Sins Series; aflame with rage, swirling in the red haze of hatred: dragon's blood spiked with black pepper, clove, and cinnamon.

Hmmm. On first smell it's mostly musky pepper and clove, I could hardly detect the cinnamon, while that was the insentive for me to try it. Like Blood Kiss the scent didn't linger, what was left after a while was only a faint sense of clove. Since that was also an ingredient in Blood Kiss, I'm guessing that's the one sucking up the other scents. I would love to have a black pepper/cinnamon combination, but this didn't live up to my expectations.

Here is my top 5 so far:
Number one is still Gluttony! (Of course;)
Dragon's Milk comes in second, despite being very vanilla;
Blood Kiss could have been number two if the scent had been stronger - I'll splash on even more on the next try;
Wrath wins over Jezebel, but only because that just wasn't my kind of scent.
If you love roses Jezebel is definitely one to try, even if it's last on my list:)


Apr. 30th, 2009 11:39 pm
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Today I tried my fourth scent from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Jezebel from the Ars Amatoria (Love Potions): a gloriously decadent blend of honey, roses, orange blossom and sandalwood.

When I put it on, I smelled orange and honey, although the latter may have been from my shampoo and showergel. I was very excited about the combination, but sadly the initial scent faded rather quickly and then the roses took over. I'm not a fan of flower-scents, so I wasn't thrilled by this. Not a bad smell, but after a promising start it turned out to just not fit me.

So Gluttony is still number one and this one was easily beaten by Dragon's Milk.
Maybe I'll give Blood Kiss another go for the next test...

New userpics: girls, girls, girls )
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My third scent from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Dragon's Milk from the Ars Draconis series: Dragon's blood resin and honeyed vanilla.

What's not to love about vanilla? It's one of my favorite flavours:) Although for this I had expected a little more oomph; because of the big name I figured the smell would have a touch of danger to it. But all I got was plain sweet vanilla. Very nice, but not special enough to live up to the lab's reputation.

Gluttony is not beaten yet and with Blood Kiss still on the fence, this one is number three for now.

Blood Kiss

Apr. 17th, 2009 10:09 pm
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Second scent from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Blood Kiss from the Bewitching Brews... Lush, creamy vanilla and the honey of the sweetest kiss smeared with the vital throb of husky clove, swollen red cherries, but darkened with the vampiric sensuality of vetiver, soporific poppy and blood red wine, and a skin-light pulse of feral musk.

Hmmm, this was a very different experience than yesterday's Gluttony. I liked the smell when I put it on, even though I hardly recognized any of the ingredients mentioned. If I had to name it myself, it was more of a wood-scent. Nice and sweet, but it wasn't as strong as I had expected and I didn't walk around in a tiny cloud of yum, like yesterday. In fact it didn't even linger past the early morning, although I think I did catch a sense of the cherries later in the day. Right now I can still smell it on my skin, but I really need to sniffle to know it's there. I'll splash on a little more next time, because I have the feeling there is more to it than what I got today.

Gluttony is still in the lead:)

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