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Okay, I had to check that word in the dictionary, so maybe not but... look:
Everything fits! )
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If you read the same kind of slash-stories as I do, you're probably familiar with one of the guys putting on a shirt that is "worn so much that it is soft to the touch" (it often has a faded print and comes with memories of comfort or home *happy sigh*)
I was surprised to discover that my newly bought green T-shirt feels (and looks) EXACTLY LIKE THAT. It's like wearing a hug!

I don't know, it just amused me that the feel of a shirt made me think of fic. Maybe it's a sign that I finally overdosed on fandom *grins* And we still have a month of SPN_J2_BigBang to go \ o /
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*wipes sweat from brow* Oh my bob, I finally managed to write another bookreview! I even posted it, you can find it in my bookcommunity: Le Ton beau de Marot - In Praise of the Music of Language - Douglas R. Hofstadter.

Been working on the coding of my artpost all day yesterday, all I need now is the link to the story and I'm ready to go! All will be revealed on Monday. The new scheduled-post system on LJ unfortunately doesn't assign a http-adress until the actual posting time, which meant I couldn't prepare the post for the flist that way. So I will double spam you tomorrow to remind/invite you over, okay? (Not all LJ changes are bad: I love that we can now upload multiple files to our scrapbooks, that saved loads of time:)

I was so intrigued by the flavour scent of the Yoghurt/Red Berries shampoo I completely missed it also said 'supersoft' on the bottle. Now I smell like a smoothie, which amuses me, but I also have fluffy hair, which is less funny. *pouts*

Bought three different tops in the same store, sizes Medium (from the men's section), 40 (which is UK14 or USA12) and XXL. Since there was no fitting area, I tried them on at home. To my surprise the one with the largest label-size was the smallest! But I'm keeping them all, because they all fit and look AWESOME. Shopping-score \o/ (I also bought a bra and that fit too!)

I'm off to work on designs for my pinch hit BigBang story. Oh and I should probably set the alarm for dinner, since I kind of lost track of time yesterday and forgot to eat. Oops.
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Yes, I know, I was shocked too. But I really had no choice since most of my decent outfits don't look that decent anymore. So when I went into town on Thursdaynight, to get my mum a birthday present, I did some follow up shopping for myself.

Browsing for clothes is really not my thing and I had almost given up after trying yet another store that offered XXL blouses that I couldn't even close over my boobs, after barely making them cover my shoulders. What a joke.

But I struggled on, since I may have to dress up and present myself in future job-interview, I desperately needed a nice blouse/shirt/top thingy. (So glad I at least have a good set of trousers) I also figured all those other bigger sized people on the street had to get their clothes from somewhere, surely there had to be a shop out there catering to everyone's needs.

As it turns out there is! Special compliments to the shop where I eventually succeeded finding fitting outfits: H&M. Not only did they sell a wide selection of sizes, they also offered excellent changing rooms. Besides one big mirror there was a smaller one set up in an angle on the side, so you could check out your behind as well, all without having to step out in public. *applauds* Plus there were no pressing salespeople trying to offer advice; I could just take my time and decide for myself.

Here's what I bought )

If, like me you don't really care about clothes, here is some other pretty:
A picture of a wonderful sunset, taken from behind my computer Tuesdaynight that I put up in my Tumblr:)

Plus I recently put [ profile] spn_ontheset on my flist: a journal that offers daily photos from behind the scenes of Supernatural. Really cool (and pretty;)

Aaaaaaaaand last but not least... a video of the cute toy I bought at the Fairtrade Wereldwinkel yesterday:

What? It's adorable.

Okay, fine. I'll stop spamming your flist and get back to catching up with [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang; I've fallen behind after dealing with rl-stuff in the last week, plus I was devouring the 6th part of the Nightrunners-series: Casket of Souls by Lynn Flewelling, so good.
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Okay, fine, call it gray, whatever :-p I thought it was time for a new colour. )

There is an additional photo of me with my new hair colour and my fancy new Hufflepuff scarf that my neighbour's kids gave me this afternoon; an early birthday present, so very awesome. \o/
If you don't mind looking at my face, click here;)
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Got my hair cut today. Last time I went into a hairdresser's was over two and a half years ago. Before that was even longer in between cuts, so I guess it's progress;)
I had been thinking about getting a trim for a while and when I passed the hairdresser's on my break this afternoon I stepped inside just to see how scary it was. I got a good feeling about the woman that talked to me and when she said I could make an appointment for tonight, I decided to do it before I lost my nerve again;)

I think I bit my lip the whole session, but the young woman who cut my hair was very patient and understanding and made me feel at ease. I had to give up about 15 cm (about 6 inches) but my hair looks so much better for it - and I'm still able to twist it into a bun, so yay! May even consider doing upkeep every few months now. Not such a bad experience this time.

Check out the result!
(No before pictures, but it kind of looked like the 2009 edition, so click link above to compare;)

My head feels weird. But in a good way;)
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As you may remember I have taken my time on some women's issues; I've only been wearing a bra for two years (there were tears involved in that process) and I had never shaven my legs until this summer.

Both things turned out to be not as bad as I had expected (although I still feel guilty about the latter) and I figured it was time for another step: getting rid of my 'stache.

Indeed a once in a lifetime experience. What. The. Hell.? That kind of pain is really only for people who get off on it. For me the result is not worth it.

Tadaah: before and after pictures )There is no way I'm going through that again. Besides the ridiculous pain I was very worried there was gonna be a rash or that I had done irreparable damage to my skin. So far my face seems to have recovered without issues, but I found out I have to scrub every few days to avoid ingrowing hairs? So on top of the horrid operation I have to deal with maintenance? I don't think so. (Obviously I will, I'm not that stupid, but it's another reason why I won't bother doing it again.)

I'm gonna let my 'stache grow and stick to bleaching it when it gets too noticable. I'd rather look like a kitten than hurt myself like that on a regular basis. Pfff.
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This morning I sat down to calculate and I figured out my period is over a week late! This has never ever happened in all of my 25 odd years of dealing with this ovulating-business. WHAT THE FUCK. I guess this is why I've been so uncomfortable with my body and why I've been feeling so very unhappy these past few days. I suspect it just skipped a month, but could it possibly be the start of menopause? I don't really mind, but it would be nice to get a memo or some sort of timeline, so I am prepared and not feel so out of touch with my body.

Speaking of that; those of you who have been following this journal for a while may remember my issues with the bra in the last couple of years. I'm proud to say I now feel secure enough to venture out in the clothes-department and I am experimenting with shirts which are a little more low cut than regular T-shirts. It's probably not noticable for most people, but *whispers* I've got some cleavage showing. Eeep.
Besides trying to deal with being aware of my breasts all the time this also caused another problem... it took me three days to realise I had to button up my blouse to avoid getting crumbs in my cleavage at lunchtime. Live and learn.

Ironic, isn't it, that now I'm finally accepting myself as a woman, the one thing that defined that status to me all these years seems to be fading itself out. Huh.

View from the top )
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If you went through my London-pictures you've already seen the natural colour of my hair. Not as dark blond as I thought it was;)
I honestly don't mind that it turned out to be gray, but until it grows to be equally coloured, I decided it was time to dye it again.
Here is the before and after

Also: I wrote three more bookreviews!
  • Alle Verhalen (Stories) - Arthur Japin
  • Wall and Piece - Banksy
  • The Boy - Germaine Greer

  • And I cleaned my bathroom (after the dye job it looked like someone was murdered in there;).

    A day worthy of a pat on the shoulder (especially since I spent most of yesterday reading really bad BigBang stories. Pfff) \o/
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    Was watching one of those make over shows this weekend. They introduce the first woman, she's 32 years old and I'm thinking: "Oh, she's my ag... crap." Heh. Not even close. So how did that happen? I don't remember living all these years. *sighs*.

    Last month I decided to stop dying my hair because I wanted to find out what colour was underneath the red. I still can't tell if there is any grey (I wouldn't mind) but it is much darker than I expected. Weird.

    Work was hellish today; I already knew that was going to happen when the client handed in her stuff last Friday, but it was even a bigger mess than I could have imagined. Jeebus. It's so frustrating to be bound by other people's limitations. But I survived. Of course I didn't finish, it will take at least two more hours tomorrow. Good thing it's a short workweek. Only three days and then I can give all my time to fiddling for the BigBang stories I claimed.

    Am already buzzing with ideas; both authors were awesome enough to send me their drafts. I uploaded them on my brand spanking new e-reader and have been reading on the bus. More about that tomorrow;) *bounces*
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    Remember how I rigorously emptied out my closets last autumn? Now that the weather is getting warmer again I found I had a serious lack of not-sweaters. The two button down shirts I have are great for traveling, but no longer suitable as decent day-to-day workclothes. So I had to go shopping. I'm not a fan. To my relief I succeeded to find something fitting in the first (and only) shop I went into! I managed to stick to my missionplan of not going to the men's department (admittedly I did try on one shirt, but it turned out to be very much oversized;) and bought two blouses in the women's department that cover my ample bosom without being too obvious. (Fine, so I still have issues, it's still progress;)

    On my way back home I stopped at the bicyclerepairshop with the intention of leaving my bike behind for the weekend, but the bicyclerepairman fixed my backlight while I was waiting and without charging me! \o/

    I will now treat myself to a glorious lunch (hot buns!) and then I'm taking my envelope with birthday money from the parents to hopefully get myself an e-reader. Eeeep!
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    I watched the latest CSI (S10Ep14). For my opinion on the casefiles and Nick & Greg, see my comment here or read the whole thread in the New episode discussion post at [ profile] nickngreg

    The CupCake Experiment
    PART 5: Honey CupCakes, try #4
    Remember my first two tries at this recipe? And how Sillie came over a week later to teach me how to bake them properly?
    Well, I figured I didn't really succeed until I managed to make them all by myself, so this weekend I tried again: I decorated the cupcakes with frosting-markers, the figures are supposed to be flowers... Ahem.

    Mom and I traveled East to visit my 'old' friend Oscar (whom I met in university in 1989; unlike me he actually finished medschool and is a GP now. He's married to Rixt, whom I also know from university; she's now a gynaecologist.. They have three children and are such grown ups compared to me;). We hardly ever see each other, and I had been quite nervous for this visit, but ofcourse they managed to make me feel comfortable and we talked and laughed like old times.

    After that mom and I went to see the grandparents (my dad's parents, but he hasn't seen them since my parents divorced in 1992). They are very religious and we are considered heathens, but this time we only got scolded for arriving late in the afternoon (apparently they had been waiting for us, while we were having a good time at Oscar's, oops)
    I offered them my cupcakes, we were forgiven. *grins* Actually they both said the cupcakes tasted good. My mom agreed. I know they are supposed to say that, but I choose to believe they meant it;)

    Who wants to see random pictures of today? )

    It was a good day today.


    Feb. 19th, 2010 12:17 am
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    Radiant Red )

    Amsterdam, here I come:)


    Oct. 27th, 2009 10:41 am
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    I tried on some pants during my morning break; apparently I shrunk another size. Ehm, yay?

    (I know I promised Londen-pics yesterday, but I was distracted by bitch-tv;) They will be posted later)
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    As you all know I've been sorting out my clothes in the past weeks. I got rid of a lot of them because they were too big. I saved some for sentimental value, but most of them ended up in the good will container of Humana yesterday. (The clothes-collection-container is next to the recycle containers for glass and plastic in the parkinglot of the supermarket nearby, very convenient)
    One shirt got a special treatment; I had bought it online and back then it turned out to be too small (it was a tight fit XL), but I kept it because of the awesome print. It fits now, but the colours just didn't work for me, so I decided to dye it. I had never done this before, so I felt quite adventurous;)

    Pics of the process! )

    See what I mean about the print? I RULE! :-D

    Also: I did the same thing to my hair:)
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    I just put all my clothes in the container from this afternoon. (Now my wardrobe is really sorted). I had to make two cycle trips to move all the bags. I don't know how I feel. Cleansed? Satisfied? Not bad anyway:)

    I'm wearing my new shirt today and new socks. The latter are not quite what I'd expected. I'm used to wearing (white) sportsocks or thick walkingsocks and my ankleless socks all have terrycloth heels. These colorfull girly socks -to go with my new shoes- are too thin and smooth. Hrmpf. More shopping next week I suppose. Oh dear.

    I dyed my hair this morning. There will be pictures tomorrow:)
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    Last weekend I emptied out my wardrobe. I was finally ready to get rid of my oversized clothes. I had a lot of them. Getting them all sorted was strangely emotional and definitely a big step. To reward myself I bought new clothes, from the ladies department this time!

    Pictures of the whole emo experience

    Oh, also: I ordered an xkcd hoodie online and didn't go for the XL. I'm a little nervous about that.

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