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I could not have guessed how big a part of my cruise vacation the food would be. I mean, I knew there was going to be a buffet, but I did not expect the massive amount of choice I would have and how incredibly good the food would be. I also didn't know that dinner was going to be an a la cart menu in a fancy restaurant, every evening. I only ever go out to eat on my birthday, when I take my family to a Chinese restaurant around the corner. (The taste dinner with my mom a while ago was a very special occassion). I was overwhelmed by all the delicious options. The whole food experience definitely added to the fancy feel of my vacation. Gosh, what a treat.

Cruise Food!
Sunday, August 20: welcome aboard
IMG_9343-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9344-CruiseFOOD.jpg
The ship wouldn't leave Warnemünde until the evening, but I could check in from one o'clock already. There was a welcome aboard lunch buffet; I chose a slice of margherita pizza, a slice of ham pizza, a lovely bun, milk (of course) and two bits of dessert (this was before I realized that I could actually take AS MANY DESSERT AS I WANTED;). This is a lemon meringue pie and a limon pana cotta, both delicious.

IMG_9367-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9371-CruiseFOOD.jpg
First dinner aboard (the ship left the harbour during dessert). Forgot to take a photo of the menu and the starter, which was minnestrone soup for me.
Main course: ovenroasted veal with mushrooms and baked potatoes
Dessert: chocolate sachertorte with apricot *thumbs up*

Monday, August 21: a day at sea
IMG_9417-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9433-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Breakfast buffet: strawberry and forrestfruit yoghurt, a blueberry pancake with apricot jam, a chocolate muffin and a bun with fruit juice and milk
Lunch buffet: frankfurter, garlic bread, cheeseburger, fries with mayo, cheesebread and Spätzle (I still don't know what this is, can any German friends help me out? It tasted like some sort of pasta). Desserts: apricot tart, orange jello with melon, some sort of red swirly macaron thing with chocolate filling. *licks lips*

IMG_9448-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9450-CruiseFOOD.jpg
A gala dinner! (the captain came by to say hello *hums theme from LoveBoat*
I shared my table with two other guests, a couple from the south of the Netherlands. She was a sculpture who worked in a glass blowing factory, full of stories about her creative projects:)
Can you guess from the menu what I will pick? (click to zoom;)

IMG_9451-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9452-CruiseFOOD.jpg
No photo of the starter, I had Oxtail consomme, nom.
Main course: roasted fillet of beef (without the wine sauce) with puff pastry and almond broccoli flowers (did not eat my greens *shifty eyes*)
Dessert: royal cake, dark chocolate mousse, crunchy praline, vanilla anglaise

Tuesday, August 22: Helsinki, Finland
IMG_9460-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9549-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Early breakfast buffet: juice, milk, pancake, omelet, hash browns (they are my faaaaaaaaavorite, they are part of dinner in the Netherlands, for breakfast I'd only have bread or yoghurt), several buns
(there are 11 (ELEVEN) bakers on board who provided freshly baked bread, buns and other pastry goodness)
I'm going on a cycling tour of Helsinki, during a short break at the market I have a licorice icecream with bits of Daim in it. SCRUMPTIOUS.

IMG_9650-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9671-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Back on board I'm starving, so after my hot lunch with the familiar frankfurter and cheese bread plus new additions shepperd's pie and a bit of beef, I load up another plate and sample ALL OF THE DESSERTS: a pistache coconot cake, a chocolate merengue, a whipcream tart, a french meringue, a caramel sponge and both the red and the orange jello with melon. *rubs belly* What? I was hungry!

IMG_9672-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9676-CruiseFOOD.jpg
After a powernap, I'm ready for my a la cart dinner, which has a mediterranean theme tonight. Guess what I pick from the menu!

IMG_9677-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9678-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Did you guess the Spanish tapas for a starter? They were: lomo ibérico, Manchego cheese, roast sweet pepper fillets and a piece of potato tortilla
Main course: slowly braised veal shank in gremolata sauce, with carrots, peas and mashed potatoes (ate all my vegetables, ha!)

Wednesday, August 23: St. Petersburg, Russia
IMG_9680-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9687-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Yesterday's dessert: seasonal fruit ice cream sundae (strawberry icecream:)
Breakfast with a view of St. Petersburg in the distance:)

IMG_9689-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9922-CruiseFOOD.jpg
A topview of my breakfast on board, *chinhands*
I did a day long excursion in St. Petersburg (the only way to get a visa is to go with a tourgroup) and we had lunch at the Radisson Sonya Hotel: I skipped the paprika salad starter, but loved all the different types of buns:)

IMG_9923-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9928-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Heehee, our table even grabbed and divided the rolls from the extra set empty seat;)
Second starter was Borscht, which is Russian beetroot soup, it was delicious!

IMG_9929-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_9931-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Main course was Beef Stroganoff with brocolli and mashed potatoes. Excellent.
Dessert was a Charlotta sponge cake with apple at the bottom and caramel sauce on top. Omnomnom.

IMG_10111-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10112-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Even after the four course lunch, I was glad I made it back on board on time for my dinner *grins* I LOVE FOOD, OKAY
My starter: potato lentil soup with a sweet paprika puff

IMG_10113-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10114-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Main course: lasagne bolognese (I had already taken a big bite before I remembered to take a photo;)
Dessert: from the no sugar added menu, haha: warm black berry crumble with vanilla icecream.

Thursday, August 24: Tallinn, Estonia
IMG_10130-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10391-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Today I added peaches to my yoghurt and there were banana pancakes!
In Tallinn I also went on a cycle tour; back on board I had a late lunch with lots of new pastries to sample:)

IMG_10410-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10412-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Guess what I'm having for dinner...

IMG_10413-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10414-CruiseFOOD.jpg
All these choices, *happy sigh*
Starter: pork loin in tuna (!!) sauce, a surpisingly good combination

IMG_10415-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10416-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Main course: roast suckling pig with myrtle(?) with roast potato and vegetable crudités (I ate the carrots;)
Dessert: again from the no sugar added menu; vanilla bread and butter pudding with raisins.

Friday, August 25: another day at sea
IMG_10427-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10429-CruiseFOOD.jpg
A new breakfast adventure: rice crispies and healthy whatsits in my yoghurt. The chocolate milk is okay, but I prefer the milk (that has actually milk in it;)

IMG_10449-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10450-CruiseFOOD.jpg
I have all the time for lunch, yay. Barely visible under the fries: I try chicken nuggets from the kids corner and suckling pig from the adult meat section;)
YES, two cups of jello, because I CAN \o/
It's busy in the buffet restaurant, but I can still see the sea from my seat.

IMG_10471-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10472-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Another gala evening and my fellow table guests are eating in the buffet restaurant (she had promised him to even it out, because he hates not being able to see the food before choosing, yesterday evening they had a bit of an arguement, because he felt she tricked him into eating at the a la cart restaurant again, *sighs*)
Anyway, now I get all the attention of my waiter for me alone, and oooh, menu from a two star chef! *princess face*

IMG_10475-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10476-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Such a wonderful selection of bread every night.
Starter: beef consommé with meat ravioli. *munches*

IMG_10477-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10479-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Main course : duck à l'orange in bigarade sauce with potato croquettes and julienne red cabbage braised with apples. *licks plate clean*

Saturday, August 26: Copenhagen, Danmark
IMG_10482-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10497-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Yesterday's dessert:Baked Alaska (sponge cake layered with three flavors icecream and covered with soft meringue
Breakfast buffet: the usual:)

IMG_10649-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10832-CruiseFOOD.jpg
No excursion in Copenhagen; all my time is my own, wahay. I have a frankfurter in a bun at Nyhavn.
I still don't know what flavor that Københavner Stang slush was, but it was very refreshing after walking to the little mermaid:)

IMG_10863-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10864-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Another dinner all by myself; this is the last one on board! Guess my menu:)

IMG_10866-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10869-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Starter: prosciutto and melon with lavender honey
Main course: blanquette de veau old-fashioned way; veal stew with glazed pearl onions, croutons and champignons, accompanied by rice pilaf

Sunday, August 27: last day aboard
IMG_10874-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10897-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Yesterday's dessert: duo of white and dark chocolait parfait dark chocolate sauce, a very worthy final dessert <3
Breakfast buffet while the ship arrives back at Warnemünde.

IMG_10898-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10906-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Top view of my last breakfast on board and a tour of the buffet...

IMG_10908-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10910-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Look at all those freshly baked buns. *grabby hands* (I take one for the road;)

IMG_10911-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10955-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Here you can see the bakers at work *smishes them all before I leave the ship*
Aaand this is my meager lunch on the train to Berlin *pouts* It's gonna take some getting used to not having food served to me.

IMG_10959-CruiseFOOD.jpg IMG_10961-CruiseFOOD.jpg
Last vacation food: lunch at Berlin station before I get on the train back to the Netherlands. It's good. But not two star dinner a la cart good, you know what I mean? I have to clean up after myself. What the bleep.

Gosh, I'm hungry. Having dinner at my mom's tonight. As a reward, I will show her my 1600+ travel photos *grins*

There will be another picspam soon, this time with actual sightseeing;)


Cruise Part 1: exploring the ship

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Spätzle are indeed noodles! You either have them as a side dish (goulash and spätzle go great together) or as cheese spätzle.

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