Jan. 14th, 2017

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After brotherdearest, my mom, her boyfriend and I finished our Illuminade Walk, I convinced them we also had to do the Boat Route with an additional 20 pieces of light art. *grins* The Theme of the waterpart of the Light Festival is A View On Amsterdam and all the light art is either in, on, or next to the canal called the Herengracht which goes all around the city center. There are a couple of installations in the Oosterdok harbour as well, so the only way to see them all is to take a boat tour. \o/

IMG_6998 WaterColors 02012017.gif
First piece is Wolfert's Dog by Tatiana Titova, inspired by an 8th century story I had never heard of, about a Norwegian prince who was saved by the dog of a Frysian fisherman after a shipwreck. When they got caught in another storm, the prince pledged to build a city on the first place the dog would lay down. They ended up on the shore of the Amstel with the dog sleeping peacefully under a tree next to them. [Geert Mak - A Brief Life of the City]

Let's get on the boat for more! )

The special Water Color boat tours run until January 22nd, check out the official Light Festival website for more information. Also for the next edition:)

If you missed the previous two Amsterdam picspams, click here for photos of the Illuminade walk and here for the Ice Sculpture Festival.

Want more? Last year I posted a couple of photos of the 2015-2016 Light Festival in my LiveJournal and in my pictureblog.


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