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Starting the [ profile] quicky_bang community was one of my best ideas:) For this new round once again a whole bunch of awesome authors offered up their short stories and it's such a eclectic collection, a true treasure trove for artists who want to be inspired quickly. I chose a fic with a character I hadn't portrayed before and this time I really stuck to the no procrastination part of the challenge. I read the story, sketched an idea and went with it.

Of course doubt set in after I sent the result to my darling author and I started all over again with a digital version. Tsk, tsk. I ended up with two very different headers, but I'm putting the spotlight on my original idea. May I present:

Familiar Faces - header.jpg

Title: Familiar Faces
Author: [ profile] reeby10
Artwork by: [ profile] beelikej
Medium: marker, crayons, papercutting and Photoshop
Characters: Dean Winchester, Victor Henriksen
Rating: G
Word count: 905
Summary: Dean had seen the guy hanging around the fringes of the investigation for days, ever since they rolled into town looking for the culprit of several mysterious deaths.

The work in progress and that other header...
9274 - FamFaces-QBblj.jpg 9276 - FamFaces-QBblj.jpg
A quick pensketch on a post-it and the pencil sketch.

9280 - FamFaces-QBblj.jpg 9283 - FamFaces-QBblj.jpg
I made a final marker version on peach textured paper and coloured it with crayons. Then I cut out the background (this was not a set up plan...)

9292 - FamFaces-QBblj.jpg 9294 - FamFaces-QBblj.jpg
I tried different colour backgrounds and light angles for shading (not visible on black, duh)

artwork Familiar Faces.jpg
This is the final version of the artwork before I started playing in Photoshop;)

And here's a gif of all the layers I digitally added to my drawing. I pushed back the orange and used a photo background of an alley (a photo of my roadtrip to the USA:) I spiced up the colours and put some "scar" effects in the blue frame (I actually enlarged letters to get the same broken effect as the text!).
Fonts paperbanner: Alpaca54 (title) + Franklin Gothic (names)

And here is the banner I made later because I worried my drawing style was too frivolous... *puts serious face on*
Familiar Faces - PH-header.jpg
I used a screencap from S05Ep13 as a base for Dean, added Victor from S03Ep12 and some special effects (out of focus to keep a sense of mystery, a hat and scratches to represent what happened to him:) Fonts digital banner: Shortwave (title) + SF Grunge Sans (names)

Thank you, [ profile] reeby10 for offering an alternative ending for Victor and for offering your story to the [ profile] quicky_bang so I could play with it.

Thanks to everyone stopping by, just so you know: I love all comments, short and long, praise and concrit. :-p

ALSO: The Quicky_Bang is still running! Authors can submit short fics all of August, artists can claim them and post their artwork until the end of September: GO HERE TO JOIN IN!


Want more? Check out my Masterlist of artsy fiddling:)

Date: 2017-08-17 05:01 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] meus_venator
I'd recognize those freckles anywhere. Fun piece. Love the dimensionality of it.

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