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Aaahw, we've reached the last four days of our roadtrip; they are mostly filled with traveling home. First [ profile] tmn1966 and I drove from Chicago back to her place and then the final two days are me flying back to the future to Amsterdam airport Schiphol and taking the train back to my apartment. In between we had a whole day left for hanging out together outside of the car, which we of course spent fangirling on the couch. *grins* But most of the photos below were taken on the road. Are you ready to join us one more time?

Back to Ohio and The Netherlands )

Missed a bit? Here are all the previous picspams of our roadtrip:
part 1: Amsterdam to Ohio | part 2: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
part 3: Missouri, Route 66 | part 4: Oklahoma & Texas
part 5: TX, OK & Kansas | part 6: KS, MO & Springfield, IL
part 7: Chicago
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Oh yes, after eight days on the road, [ profile] tmn1966 and I made it to Chicago, the actual beginning of Route 66:) We decided to park the car in the suburbs and take the train into town, where we were to meet our last fangirl blind date... The lovely [ profile] cassiopeia7 offered to show us around and I'm pretty sure I saw ALL THE THINGS. We made use of a lot of different kinds of transport in town: we sat in a taxi, we got on a bus, did a tiny trip on the L (elevated train) and we walked. Oh my, how we walked. Here's a summary of our day;)

Follow our tourguide! )
Such a great town, such great company. <3

There will be is a final set of photos from our drive back to [ profile] tmn1966's place (with a stop at the airport where they lost my bag two weeks before....) and my flight back to the Netherlands:)


Previous parts of our roadtrip can be found here:
part 1: Amsterdam to Ohio | part 2: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
part 3: Missouri, Route 66 | part 4: Oklahoma & Texas
part 5: TX, OK & Kansas | part 6: KS, MO & Springfield, IL
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Oh, hey, before I forget: I posted my artwork for the SPN-Cinema challenge: It's Grease Lightnin'! featuring Jeff, Jensen and the Impala:)

I confess: when I found out JDM is going to be at the Pasadena Convention in November the first thing I did was check to see if there were any tickets left, haha. I'm not going to a con, people. I'M NOT. Shush. Meeting up with fellow fangirls would actually be a bigger draw than seeing J3 on stage, but I prefer the peace and quiet of being a hermit;) Besides: I just went to the USA and nothing can really top the Roadtrip experience and those fangirl-meet up-meals.

If you've been cruising along, you know the last post ended with [ profile] tmn1966 and me traveling up North from Kansas; we have one sight in Missouri to find before we get to Springfield, IL, home of Lincoln. Are you ready to get on the road again? Let's go!

Lincoln's house, Lincoln's Tomb, Lincoln's.... nose? )

Next up: the final destination: Chicago!!!

part 1: Amsterdam to Ohio | part 2: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
part 3: Missouri, Route 66 | part 4: Oklahoma & Texas
part 5: TX, OK & Kansas
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Ugh, I'm really having a hard time getting used to being unemployed. Time seems to simultaneously stand still and fly by. I just don't know what to do with myself. Obviously I could have done this picspam days ago, but I lack motivation to do anything else but stare at the internets. Today is the day I'm putting an end to that. *determined face* Let's get this thing on the road again!

After being all touristy in Dallas and fangirly in Fort Worth, [ profile] tmn1966 and I started on the return part of our trip with two days of driving back up North. There were not a lot of sight-stops along the way, but there was some good fangirling with: another meet up, watching episodes by way of nighttime stories AND the main event: a visit to Lawrence, Kansas. Want to come along?

Finishing our Quilt-quest and eating pancakes )

Fangirling in Kansas! )

Next up we're getting back on Route 66!! --> part 6: KS, MO & Springfield, IL

part 1: Amsterdam to Ohio | part 2: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
part 3: Missouri, Route 66 | part 4: Oklahoma & Texas
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It took me a couple of days to get used to not going to work, but slowly I'm getting the hang of filling my days at home. I've started exercising and have also picked up arting again! More about that tomorrow, first I'm posting an extra long picspam of the Texas leg of our roadtrip to make up for the wait after the previous set *grins*

There was no sleeping in after our movie night at the Drive In in Missouri; we had a long drive ahead of us through Oklahoma, down to Tyler, Texas to meet up with [ profile] tmn1966's cousins. Of course we included a little sightseeing along the way, after all, we were still on Route 66!

Roadsight attraction in Oklahoma & roses in Texas )

All the Texas: Richardson, Dallas & Fort Worth )

Next up: back up North through Oklahoma again to... Kansas! (--> part 5!)

part 1: Amsterdam to Ohio | part 2: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois | part 3: Missouri, Route 66
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This third picspam covers just one day of our roadtrip, but one packed with all the elements of a full US-experience! There was funky breakfast cereal and popcorn at the movies, [ profile] tmn1966, her car and I cruised along the highway and discovered the first of many funky sights and outposts on Route 66. We also crossed the Mississippi river, visited a sculpture park for a dose of art and did I mention we went to the movies? WE TOTALLY WENT TO A DRIVE IN CINEMA, SO FRICKIN' COOL \o/

Route 66 and a Drive In - it doesn't get more American than that! )

part 1: Amsterdam to Ohio | part 2: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
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After all the hassle of me getting to the USA, finally starting our roadtrip was extra awesome. We got in the car a little after 2 pm on Wednesday August 5 with [ profile] tmn1966 behind the wheel. I had originally planned to try and drive, but with the loss of our chill-day to practice and the intimidating traffic with very different rules from the Netherlands, I soon decided that was not going to happen. I'm so very happy T didn't mind; she's a great driver and even allowed me to pick the music! <3 Are you ready to join us? Hop in!

Meeting fangirls, the world's biggest everything and a dragon! )
To be continued! --> part 3: Missouri, Route 66

part 1: Amsterdam to Ohio
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First things first...
No matter how I try, I simply can't make a small selection of travelphotos, even for a short introduction post, oops. Before I take you along on our roadtrip, I have to get the shaky start of this trip off my chest. If you kept an eye on my Twitter, you already know about this and I did mention it briefly in a previous post, but here's the whole deal. Feel free to skip the babbling and scroll down to the first set of photos. Or the second set, if you don't care for the prologue;)

TL;DR - Flight on Monday cancelled, new itinerary on Tuesday, another changed flight during boarding, arrival a day late and with lost bagage )

Who's ready for photos?

Prologue: I rock at packing, selfies and photos from the plane )
Day 1: Touch down in OHIO, getting ready for the road )

Part 2: the worlds biggest windchime plus fangirl meet ups in Ohio and Illinois...
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Quick hello to let y'all know I'm back home after two wonderful weeks in the USA (despite cancelled flights and lost luggage!). I have to sort through 1,000+ photos before I can do a first picspam and I would do it right away, but [ profile] sillie82 is on her way for a two day fangirlsleepover, so y'all have time until the weekend to prepare for my massive holiday-slideshow *grins*

For now I'm posting two teasers and I want to twirl [ profile] tmn1966 for being such an awesome travelcompanion (and driver!!) *smishes* and of course [ profile] zubeneschamali, [ profile] quickreaver, [ profile] bt_kady, [ profile] dugindeep and [ profile] cassiopeia7 for meeting up with us during our roadtrip *grouphug* (I'll sent you all our selfies later, ladies!)

1. OKLAHOMA: Entrance to one of the many wacky sights along Route 66
2. KANSAS: Guess where we are going (click to zoom:)



(Just so you know: the picspams will be behind a cut :-p)
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So I was supposed to be on a plane right now, on my way to [ profile] tmn1966 but after the flight to Chicago initially was postponed ("due to to flight crew availability") it was eventually cancelled all together, forcing me to find alternative options to get to the USA.

I'm now scheduled to fly tomorrow, with three planes instead of two, but I've managed to arrange an arrival much closer to T's house, so that's something I suppose.
Unfortunately the airline won't allow me to check in online for this, which means I can stress about actually being on the flight until departure early tomorrow morning, hrmpf.

I've arranged to stay with my brother in Amsterdam tonight, because I would never be able to get to the airport on time from my place.

Funny thing is I'd never been so relaxed about traveling before, which obviously came in handy when I had to stay calm to deal with this.

My backpack is packed (I only had to leave out one shirt) and I'm ready to go. Which of course means I don't know what to do with myself until I get on a train this afternoon.

*sighs* Anyone know of any good distracting fic or vids? ETA: or gifsets... (I'll just stare at this for a couple of hours) [spoiler: it's bare chested JDM in Extant, as if it was a secret that he was cast for that exact purpose *g*]

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Had meant to do this last night, but I unexpectedly crashed on the couch and when I finally regained consciousness I was just about able to crawl to my bed. Mmmmm-sleeeeep. Today I'm suffering from hotflashes and cramps, yay! I sure hope my body hurries up and gets this thing over with as much as possible before my flight on Monday. ONLY FOUR DAYS UNTIL I GET TO MEET [ profile] tmn1966 IN PERSON, WAHEY.

This is your last reminder to sign up for a postcard from the USA. If I don't have your address already, let me know here or through PM or mail:

I'm pretty much ready for my trip, the only thing I need to do is try to close my backpack, haha! Despite me bringing my fancy new smartphone, I do as usual want to travel without going online (hahahahahahahahaha) so I will catch up with y'all when I get back from our roadtrip adventure.

Prepare to be picspammed like woah;)

I still have one workday and the weekend left before I leave, but unless I think of anything urgent to report, this is me signing off for my vacation.

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Wahey, this morning I discovered another pair of jeans that fit in my closet. Which means I have to reconsider which pair to bring to the USA in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. I've already sorted out shoes plus underwear and this week I'm testing T-shirts to see which ones to pack;)

If you want a card from my summervacationtravels and I don't have your address already or you moved since you gave it to me, PM or mail me:

For flisters in the USA who are interested in meeting up with me or [ profile] tmn1966, please check our roadtrip intinerary here to see if we get anywhere near enough you to get toghether (or to wave as we drive by;).

I'll screen the comments on this post, just in case.
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With my BigBang-artwork done, it hit me this weekend that I only have two weeks (TWO WEEKS!!!) to go before my trip to the USA and meeting [ profile] tmn1966 in real life!
We were thrilled with the response to our announcement from all of y'all who want to hang out during our Route 66 Roadtrip from Ohio to Texas <3
(Calling on [ profile] dugindeep, [ profile] cassiopeia7, [ profile] zubeneschamali, [ profile] quickreaver, [ profile] bt_kady and [ profile] sienata to confirm that we included your location in our schedule below!)

After lots of mails back and forth we came up with the following tentative route.
If YOU (yes, you) are interested in getting together for a drink, lunch, dinner or a sleep over PLEASE PM EITHER OF US so we can exchange email and phonenumbers for specific dates and times to meet up! Even if you just want to wave at us driving by, we'd love to know:) You can also directly mail me at

Our Roadtrip Intinerary )

We also welcome any suggestions for places to visit or local specialities to try.

*Oh and if you're curious about our mystery destination, you can find it in our 2011 SPN Reverse Bang collaboration Fool Hearted Man; that's when we bonded through our love for Jensen/JDM;)
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*Happy sigh* Just spent hours stalking the Asylum14 tag on Twitter to vicariously enjoy Jeff, Jensen and Jared on stage at the SPN-convention in Birmingham. That was time well spent;) Plus I got a double dose of JDM, who is very much missing in this year's [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang :( Fortunately there is still plenty of J2 fic to choose from; I ended up with six summaries for my claimlist. I'm going to try to make a top three out of that tonight. We'll see what happens. During my break from fanarting the past few weeks I already caved into collaborations for two other projects, so my muse has plenty to play with either way;)

Now, get ready for a very important announcement. I already mentioned this at the end of my long post from last weekend, which was packed with linkies and stuff, so for those of you who missed it:

I'm coming to the USA this Summer to meet up with the awesome [ profile] tmn1966 and we're going on a roadtrip! Here's the plan, copied from her LJ:
During the first two weeks of August, we'll be heading out on the open road, driving from Canton, Ohio to Dallas, Texas. Part of our route will include the historic Route 66. The states we'll be going through are:

Ohio - Indiana - Illinois - Missouri - Oklahoma - Texas

If any f-listies are along or near our route, we'd love to make a stop to see you!! You can PM one of us if you'd rather not leave a comment.

*bounces* I can't wait to finally meet [ profile] tmn1966 for real; I've been wanting to chat with her in person ever since we bonded during ReverseBang years ago <3 Fandom rocks \m/

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