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Ahw, I only have two art-projects to share for the WIP-meme. Here are teasers of what I'm working on:
I'm not saying what's what, but one will be revealed in two weeks; there is no date yet for the other, but that will probably be presented somewhere in the second half of February. Dundundunnnn.

Behind the cut the Making Of of my latest artpost, if you missed it: that was a nsfw animated drawing of watersports;) so this peek behind the scenes is R-rated too!
Inspiration came from the wonderful story that was written by [ profile] tmn1966 in response to my request in the SPN_Kinkmeme. <3
I found a reference photo of the scene I had in mind at Urinallove@Tumblr (So many men pissing. So. Many.) and then I tried to figure out how high a regular home toilet would be for Jensen. (Specific example photo from the stock-image collection at and different angles of toilets thanks to a Google search;) Now I understand why men have problems aiming. *grins*
Anyway, here are some steps of the work in progress...

References for toilets and height of average man. Made a composition and manip in Photoshop to position tall Jared Padalecki leaning in the background behind Jensen. (Screenshot from Supernatural S8Ep1 - also used for my artwork for 2013 J2nonAU challenge:)

I printed the manip and turned it into a pencil line sketch, covered that with yellow paper on my lighttable and started dotting the image with black marker.

That style decision was based on the dripping of the urine; I wanted to give the whole piece that feel. That's also the reason for using so much yellow *grins*. (I'm easy to amuse;)
With the lighttable on, you can see the sketch shining through, I would turn the light of to see the progress of the dotted line.

A paper test to see if the yellow marker would work on the yellow paper, it didn't bleed as I had feared (yay!), so I filled in the squares of the tiles in the background.

When that was done, I made a photo of the result, adjusted the colours a little in Photoshop and animated Jared's eyes and Jensen's pee:) Next time I may actually make different drawings for an animation instead of altering the image digitally. Animation is such fun to do.

Aaand that's it! If you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to the final piece: Tadaah!

I'm not quite satisfied with the depth of the flushing unit, the perspective is too wobbly. I was also bummed at not being able to capture Jared's eyes properly; the pencil version was okay, but the marker didn't cooperate. I am pleased with the dotting technique though; that worked out sort of exactly as I had imagined. \o/

If you're not into kinky art, how about the completely G-rated and innocent Making Of of my Xmas cards? (Apparently not everyone discovered the fanart I hid in the snow!)

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Quite pleased about today; not only did I remember all my meals, but I continued my chores and did some actual arts & crafts as well! Plus the drainpipe I worked on yesterday is holding up so far! Last night I only just managed to get into bed before midnight; tonight I'm aiming to go to bed really early, not in the least because I have company coming tomorrow and I want to be well rested;) I also hope to finish reading my bedbook. So without further ado: here's my day in pictures, including a teaser for my next artproject... )

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Weeeeell, I do believe I finished my JDM WIngs project! I had such fun with Jeff today, but he's being a tough model to shoot, so I won't reveal what he looks like until after I've played with him some more tomorrow. *grins* To make up for making y'all wait, I'm offering an extra long final(!) look behind the scenes...
If you missed previous parts of this project, here are all the making of posts:
wingsWIP 1 - wingsWIP 2 - wingsWIP 3 - wingsWIP 4 - wingsWIP 5 - wingsWIP 6

Now, without further ado... the last wingsWIP post... )
To be revealed tomorrow!! Are you as excited as I am? *bounces* -->ARTPOST IS UP!

I'm off to continue preparations for my [ profile] super_disney design; I've already watched my claimed film The Nightmare Before Christmas, now I have to rewatch a certain episode of Supernatural. FOR RESEARCH.


1More about the melted crayons method in the following artposts:
- Imaginairy Infatuations - papercut portraits of Jeff, Jensen & Danneel;
- Storm's Eye - the ridiculously popular multimedia banner featuring Jensen;
- A New Kind Of Superhero - the unexpectedly underappreciated handdrawn portraits of the whole SPN cast.
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In between the festivities and doing research for my next two art challenges, I've been working on my JDM Wings project! If you don't want to see that until it's done, there are some other recent posts you can check out as well:
- Some of my favorite music this month
- My Jeffrey Dean Morgan interview archive
- My birthdaypartypost:)

For those of you who do want to see some arting, but missed the previous posts about this project, here are links to the work in progress so far: - wingsWIP 1 - wingsWIP 2 - wingsWIP 3 - wingsWIP 4 - wingsWIP 5

Ready to see more? The penultimate wingsWIP* )

To be continued soon! (*only one more session to go!)--> seventh (and final!) wip post is up:)

Love to hear what you think of it; all questions and comments are welcome:)

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Alright, I'm getting things done today; I'm up to date with responding to comments and here's the behind the scenes post I promised for that nsfw paper design I shared last week. Remind me to make the source post for that and my previous artwork as well?
Can't add that tonight, because I want to get all my international Xmas/Newyear's cards ready to go and that's gonna take some good old fashioned writing by hand. Here, have two teaser-pics of the mess I made (and the special stamps I got!)

They will be handed in at the post office tomorrow. I doubt they will all make it before the holidays, but it's the spirit that counts most, right? I already received two cards; all the way from Oz from [ profile] kennsea and an amazing musical ecard from [ profile] tmn1966 - thank you!

Now, without further ado, more about that naughty paperporn.
No nudity, but NC17 for mild D/s scene. You have been warned )
Next challenge will be a design for [ profile] super_disney; sketches have to be in before January 10, posting will start in February. In between fiddling for that I'll continue working on my JDM-wings. I hope to finish that project before the end of the year...

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Eeeep! On Saturday my family will celebrate Sinterklaas and I've only just started on my surprise package tonight and I still have to write all the poems. /o\ I have taken Friday off so I can do final touches then, but I also need to finish my art for the [ profile] smpc, that will be presented on Sunday morning.
So this will be the last update on my JDM-wings paperproject for a while. I plan to continue fiddling next week. Your feedback is appreciated!

Here's part 5 of the work in progress: sketching JDM )

Catch up on the project here:
wings WIP 1: set up | wings WIP 2: testing patterns
wings WIP 3: resizing | wings WIP 4: cutting wings
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Woah, my flist is buzzing with the December meme and other need-to-read posts. Unfortunately I haven't had time to check it all out yet and I also need to reply to comments in my own journal. I'll plan to get to all that later (tomorrow at the latest). First I want to share another update on my personal paperproject:) I'd love to hear what you think of it so far!
wingsWIP 1: set up and testing | wingsWIP 2: picking patterns | wingsWIP 3: resizing and doodling

Time for part 4 of the work in progress: cutting wings )

FYI: yesterday I posted an Amsterdam picspam featuring architecture, the Lightfestival and the wintermarket on Rembrandt's Square with a Christmas.... Moose(?!)
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Ehm, I sure didn't stick to that plan of updating on this project once a week, did I? So much for working outside of a challenge;) I did do some fiddling in between procrastinating, real life and other arting. To catch up I'll share a couple of pics every day for the next couple of days to show you where I am. That will hopefully inspire me to speed things up. I also have to do Sinterklaas crafting this week and start on Christmas New Year's cards, but maybe some pressure is just what I need to get out of my lazy funk.

If you missed the first two posts and want to check out the process in chronological order:
wings WIP part 1 | wings WIP part 2

And now without further ado, part 3 of the work in progress: resizing and doodling )

To be continued--> part 4 is up!

In additional art-news: I have an AO3 account! So far the system doesn't have uploading facilities for art, so I'm figuring out the best way to archive and present my work there. One thing I came up with was opening up a Collection to offer authors I worked with a space to promote our work. So, dear collaborators, if you have put your stories up on AO3, I invite you to also post them (link them?) in my art-collection: here! (Hope I set that up right...)

P.S. If you want an AO3 account yourself, all you need to do is sign up for an Invite Request; waiting in the queue currently only takes about two days.
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Oh, hey, hi! I've been spending a lot of time reading offline (I recommend the Tamír Triad by Lynn Flewelling) and have finally found some time to start watching Orphan Black (also recommended).
For those of you who were wondering about the lack of updates on my paperproject; I've been trying to work out how tall Jeff needs to be to fit with his wings. It required collecting and cutting a lot of full body photos. For research.
Here's a peek at my other study-materials )
No travelplans and no huge challenges for November and December means I can dedicate some time to making.... Christmascards*, woohoo! Who wants one? Leave your address in the comments (they are screened) or email it to me: - Even if I already should have it, give a shout if you want a card.
In addition I would like to know if you remember how we first connected; was it through a particular fandom, did we meet in a community ... remind me, please!
Don't feel obligated to send me a card in return (although that would be nice;) - this is not a meme or an exchange; if you want a card, you shall get one!

*They may turn out to be New Years cards, but they will have the holiday spirit;)
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A quick post before I forget that I have to make dinner in time to be ready for Heel Holland Bakt, the Dutch version of The Great British Bake Off, the only two shows I still watch on TV;) Here's an update on my personal paper art project, codename "JDM-wings"... If you don't want to see the work in progress before the big reveal in the near future, you could take a stroll to my photoblog for my visit to The Hague from Oct. 1st or check out my Nick/Greg picspam of CSI:S15Ep2. (You can still do those things even if you do take a sneak peek behind the scenes below;)

Part 1 was all about setting up the design, for this part I'm continuing with testing cut out shapes and sizes...

WIP, part 2: picking patterns )

To be continued: wings WIP part 3 is up! Your concrit and feedback is appreciated:)

*Off to the kitchen*
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Soooooo. When I asked if people would be interested in seeing work in progress posts of my personal paper art-project, I kind of forgot how much time it takes to choose photos and explain the images. But sharing the process will force me to set deadlines, which I desperately need to keep going. It's a little daunting to put these sneak peeks out there, because I usually work on my own until I at least sort of know where I'm going, but we'll see how it works out. I'm planning to do updates once a week.

To prevent myself from postponing or using these wip-posts to spent time on other stuff than actual arting, I'm trying to keep the captions to a minimum. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification if you want to know more. All comments are appreciated, feel free to criticise or offer advice;)

WIP, part 1: set up and testing )

To be continued....[wings WIP part 2 is up!]

I'm also going to be working on film-inspired art for the [ profile] spn_cinema genre challenge; from the prompted 80s films I chose Innerspace... (have ordered the DVD to rewatch that classic:). This will be posted in the last week of October.

If you want to see some finished artwork, check my Masterlist of artsy creations. For specific paperart, click the papercuttingart TAG below; my previous project was a portrait set for The Winter Soldier, the rest is all SPN-fanart:)

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