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Okay, before I begin the picspam of last weekend of fun, I have a question and two promos;) First: do I know any fanpeople in or near Copenhagen (København)? I'm going to be there for a day at the end of August if you want to meet up!

Second: I'm modding two art-challenges (TWO!)
  • The [ profile] quicky_bang already has a whole bunch of authors offering their short fics for artists to illustrate:)
    Go claim a story and get creative!
  • If you'd rather start arting from scratch, the [ profile] spn_reversebang is the challenge for you:
    make a piece of fanart to inspire an author! Sign ups are open!

  • And now: photos from my visit to fairytale amusement park The Efteling. I traveled to The Hague on Friday afternoon for dinner and a sleep-over at my brother J's. Our youngest brother H. was also there; he cycled from Amsterdam! Together with my sister-in-law G. and my darling nephew R. the four of us (so minus brother J.) went to The Efteling on Saturday by car (G drove:). We had an awesome day! It was really fun to visit the park with a six year old; the perfect age for all the stories that go along with the rides.
    Of course we also took a stroll through the fairytale forest:) )


    (Check the Efteling tag for previous visits. This is my favorite place in the whole world <3
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    Yesterday I took my mom out to a fancy dinner. When I lost my job in August 2015, my farewell gift from the company was a dinner coupon. Up until now I just wasn't in the right mindset to use it, there were a lot of hard feelings;) But now that my life has settled again and with a splendid new job and good prospects for the future, I'm finally feeling pretty good again, so it was time to cash in that cheque.

    Last night mom and I cycled to De Zoete Inval, a tiny bistro in town, where we wanted to try the 'Proeverijtje', which translates as Little Tastery: a fancy all-you-can-eat in separate courses. You can pick any dish from the menu and you are served a small version of that dish. With each serving, the waiter asks what dish you want next. You can decide your own order, if you want to start with a dessert and finish with soup, that's totally fine and you can also choose a dish more than once.
    I managed 13 courses *grins* EVERYTHING WAS SO SCRUMPTIOUS! Below are photos of all the food we gobbled up (my mom managed 12 courses;) with captions in Dutch and English where needed.

    Omnomnom )

    I think #3 was my favorite. No, wait, #8 or maybe #10? #6 is up on top too. SERIOUSLY. Everything tasted awesome. So many textures and flavours. <3<3<3

    It was an awesome evening. <3<3
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    First of: Happy Birthday [ profile] milly_gal! Hope you had a smashing day:)

    I had planned to post photos of the Amsterdam Light Festival right after my previous picspam of the IceSculpture Festival, but I had a few whirlwinddays with family-issues, so I had to postpone. But here is the first set of pictures: part one is the Illuminade, a 2,3 km long night time walking route with lots of cool light sculptures, inspired by the theme Biomimicry, think like nature...

    IMG_6802 Illuminade 02012017.jpg
    Teaser of Rotifers

    Wanna see more? )

    Last but not least: a video of Tree Hugger by Daan van Hasselt & Asia Jackowska; the lights actually responded to people hugging the trees!

    This was merely a selection of the sculptures: some of them were hard to capture with my camera. The Illuminade closed on January 9th, BUT! The Light Festival Water Colors boattours are still going until January 22nd. I'll post photos of those sculptures this weekend:)

    If you can't make it to Amsterdam before then, see you next year?

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    After my Birthday I had a day off on which I once again didn't finish my Holiday cards... Then I worked for two and half days before I finally managed to do some festive arts & crafts on Friday afternoon, pfew. I delivered the cards to the Post Office on Saturday December 31st on my way to my mom, where I spent New Year's Eve. Some photos of our sparkles here.
    A Making Of of the cards will follow once I know they have arrived. (I already heard they made it to the UK and Germany, yay!)

    To start the New Year, I had taken another day off work; on Monday January 2nd I went to Amsterdam to hang out with brotherdearest. We went to the IceSculpture festival, this year's theme was Music Inspires.
    Here are some photos of the awesome sculptures )
    IT WAS SO COLD IN THERE! So afterwards we warmed up with hot chocolate and warm Apfelstrüdel with custard.
    Then we went to Central Station to rent a bike for me and we cycled to brotherdearest house to chill and do some groceries before going back to the Station to meet up with Mom and her boyfriend J. who joined us for the Lightfestival Illuminade walk at nighttime. More about that later:)

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    Before I really start the new year on LiveJournal, I'm looking back on 2016 one more time, because little over a week ago it was MY BIRTHDAY! (Day after Christmas;) Special thanks to [ profile] sillie82, [ profile] amberdreams and [ profile] tanisafan who sent me presents to unwrap as soon as I woke up *smishes*
    Here are pictures of my presents, my party and... the cakes. I had made Arretjes Cake but had also ordered a cake which turned out to have the most precious little feet:


    Presents, Cake and Family )

    I also really enjoyed all the birthday wishes on Twitter, in PMs and LiveJournal. Thanks to everyone who thought of me, I had a marvelous Birthday:)

    On to the next!


    P.S. I also received a Buffy book from an anonymous gifter through The BookDepository. THANK YOU, ANON!
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    I finally sorted my pictures from my awesome trip with brotherdearest to The Efteling Fairytale Theme Park. Featuring rides and lots of photos of the two of us, you have been warned;) It's just that I felt so glorious and happy and I want to remember that. Plus I think you can really see the difference in my face and body from working-out and avoiding crazy foodbinges since January, which makes me proud. Slowly but surely I'm sculpting my body and brain into a shape I'd like them to be in \o/

    Anyway, let's go to The Efteling, my favorite Theme Park in the world. All the rides tell a story and the look is based on drawings by Anton Pieck (1895 - 1987) - I love it a LOT.
    My brother and I met up at Utrecht trainstation and from there traveled to Tilburg, where we hired bikes to cycle to Kaatsheuvel (about 13 kilometres).

    0000-Efteling 16JUL2016.jpg 0001-Efteling 16JUL2016.jpg
    Map of the park (I'm still trying to find the one from my first visit when I was 8 or 9, back in the 1970s. Back then it was only the fairytale forest and a pond for canoeing!)
    From the Pagode you can see new ride The Baron and behind that the wooden rollercoaster Joris and the Dragon. More about all of these below!

    Is that a dragon? )

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    Oh my goodness *sniffs self*. I discovered an old bottle of soap in my bathroom and it IS SO DELICIOUS! The scent gives me all kinds of feelings; you know, the kind you get after reading a really good fic? Bliss. (I'm also testing a set of samples from Deep Midnight perfumes, will post about that later:)
    Speaking of good fic: I grabbed myself one in the [ profile] quicky_bang to illustrate! If you are an artist or know artists looking for inspiration, head on over for all sorts of awesome stories to make art for (so many visuals to choose from!)

    Before I'll continue arting, I have a couple of old photos from my latest trip to Amsterdam to share and also this:

    My screensaver is a slideshow of my J3 pic-archive and when these two showed up after each other, I just had to combine them for obvious reasons *chinhands* (Credits: JDM - Sam Comen 2010 for Maxim, I could not find an original source or date for young Jensen in his Superman shirt)

    Anyway, here are photos from my bicycle and Amsterdam )
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    Due to circumstances, I didn't make or send out cards for the holiday season; there will be an end of year post about that later. Until then a big thank you to everyone who send me paper or digital wishes, they were much appreciated (and needed and loved) *smishes y'all*
    Yesterday, December 23rd, was my darling nephew's 5th birtday and we celebrated with a trip to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. Here are some photos with limited commentary (I'm not naming all the animals;)

    Artis animals and family fun )

    Afterwards my mom and I had some time left to go into Amsterdam and when it got dark we tried to find some of the light art in the canals, part of the annual Amsterdam Light Festival. We found some gorgeous pieces (and secretly hope to be able to do a boattour before the end of the festival in January)

    Water Colors Light Art: photos and short vids )

    Happy Holidays, everyone! May your days be filled with just the right amount of merriness:)

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    For those of you who are new here: Sinterklaas is the Dutch version of Santa Claus. His birthday is celebrated on the Eve of December 6th with exchanging gifts in his name. Except my family chooses the weekend closest to this date when most of us are available for a get-together. We had each picked a name out of a (digital) hat for whom we'd buy a big gift, accompanied by a poem describing events of the year. (The traditional crafty secret santa surprise package was optional;) This year we were all going to be present at my mom's house in Zwolle on Saturday.

    Well, that was the plan, anyway.

    On Saturdaymorning my youngest brother H. called from Amsterdam to tell us his father in law had a heart-attack and was in the hospital getting surgery. H and his girlfriend B. were going to travel to the South-East of the Netherlands as fast as possible. (As it turns out, B's dad had received CPR immediately from two friends who were running with him when he collapsed. This most likely saved his life. They discovered a big clot in his coronary artery. He is recovering beyond expectations)

    Mom and I couldn't reach my other brother, because he and his family had already left The Hague and were on their way to Z. For the benefit of my 4 year old nephew Ruben we decided to continue festivities with just the five of us.

    When my brother and B. had to get back to Amsterdam on Sunday to make arrangements for work, they invited us all over for another get-together on Sunday afternoon, so we could catch up in person and exchange left over presents.

    I made loads of photos: the first set of 16 is the arts & crafs of the surprise wrappings I build for brotherdearest and my nephew. Part two and three are of our Sinterklaas celebrations in Zwolle (10) and Amsterdam (10)

    The making of )

    Sinterklaas celebrations in Z. )

    Sinterklaas celebrations, part 2 )
    If anyone is interested, I could share some (translated) poems. I'm so very thankful that everything turned out okay and we were able to get-together and hug and have fun despite the big scare of Saturday. I love my tiny family <3

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    Hahaha, I checked my most recent posts and noticed it was quite a dose of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Like I have no life. *blinks* But seriously: my current daily life is not that interesting. I wake up, force myself to get dressed, make sure I have breakfast and try to make it through the day with a maximum of job hunting and a minimum of guilt.
    Now that I finally seem to have beaten the barking cough, I am able to leave the house again, at least once a day. Often it's as simple as doing groceries or bringing empty jars and bottles to the glass reclycling area, but last Friday I even spent a whole afternoon in Amsterdam, so now I can finally offer you a JDM-less picspam for a change *grins*

    Strolling through town and picking the Nightwatch's nose... )

    When I cycled home from the trainstation, I passed by this tree. I thought I had imagined things so I got off my bike and walked back to take photos. (First one is taken while a car drove by; the orbs are raindrops. Close up with flash)

    Spooky, yes? I like it:)

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    In between preparations for the [ profile] spn_reversebang and being sick, I didn't get around to sorting out photos from my daytrip to The Hague almost two weeks ago.
    I'm still suffering from the barking cough and it feels like my head is filled with cottonballs, but now that the Art Previews are online and authors are trying to make a wishlist of the most inspirational promptpieces, while us artists are impatiently waiting for claimday, I had some time on my hands, so here's a tiny picspam:)

    14 photos of autumn and architecture )

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    While practising taking photos with my phone I collected quite a few happy moments, varying from playtime with my nephew to enjoying the view from my couch. I had meant to post some of these a while ago, but only just now found time to sort them. May they bring you a bit of joy as well:)

    An afternoon with my nephew: building a racetrack with papertape and painting our fingernails with markers )

    Enjoying time at home )

    Look what I got
    Some time ago I came across a really cool Tumblr post with fascinating key-chain games, that I absolutely needed to HAVE. Of course there was no source mentioned, so it took me a bit of researching to find out where I could buy them (and to actually find a supplier that would ship to The Netherlands, thank you AliExpress) but I am now the proud owner of this Japanese decompression toys set )

    Quite some time ago I made a windmill post which also included a photo of little me in 1974, posing in front of a pair of wooden shoes on our garden wall. When I shared that I wasn't sure whether I had actually worn that particular pair, but my mom told me I most likely did, because she wouldn't have had those things on the wall if they didn't have some sentimental value *grins*. Anyway, I was surprised I hadn't been able to find photos of me actually wearing wooden shoes since I know I most certainly did. Turns out my brother was hogging some vacation photo albums from the seventies and eighties for scanning and my mom only just retreived them (guess how many photos have been scanned, haha). There were loads of photos of me on the campsite in France in 1980 wearing those typical Dutch wooden shoes. Here's a selection of four!In that superb photo-quality of the eighties... )

    Aaand that's a wrap :-)
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    *pouts* Am more than a little disappointed about the announcement of the new round for [ profile] spn_cinema; due to being in the middle of arting for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang there is no way I'll be able to participate. That's another challenge that I've been with from the start changing its schedule. I was so looking forward to it back in March. This is gonna take a while to deal with. *huffs and puffs* Luckily I have plenty of things to keep my mind off. (Not all good, but at least they'll stop me from mulling; it kept me up all night, hrmpf.)

    I know I already did a touristy picspam yesterday, but I went through old family albums and I just have to share some cute vacation photos from the seventies. Back then we'd alternate summertrips to France and Danmark. My brother and I were adorable in black and white *grins*. One of the photos I found with my mom in Legoland reminded me of a trip I made with that brother when we were in our twenties. Spot the difference....

    Who is that girl? )
    Haha! - J.

    P.S. I didn't mean to be a buzzkill on the love meme, but as I told someone on Twitter today: I rather have people comment on my LJ posts once in a while;) #notverysubtlehint
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    Well, that was quite a weekend! Due to Dutch holidays I had four days off, so I could keep an eye on convention shenanigans in Rome full time (online of course;).
    There are a lot of links to the lovememe on my flist and it pleases me to see the SPN-fandom joining together. Just so you know: I appreciate every one of you, but I won't participate in that. It's something that makes me uncomfortable and at the moment it's better for me to avoid group activities. *smishes you all regardless*

    I had meant to post this weekend, but could barely move out of frustration and feeling down over many many issues and nothing at all. Quite proud I did keep my promise of sending sketches to my BB-author and I even answered a mail AND ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on most days. \o/

    Today I had the distraction of work and I'm feeling better (about myself) and up for sharing some photos. I joined my mom in The Hague on Friday, her weekly grandmotherday when she takes care of my darling nephew, who had the day off from school. They picked me up from the trainstation and we took a stroll through town to visit the Stanley & Livingstone travelbookstore in preparation for my trip to the USA. I made loads of photos of pretty buildings along the way. Here's a selection of fourteen pictures (including a selfie at the end, you have been warned)

    Let's walk! )
    So what did you do this weekend? I already know three people on my flist were in Rome at JIBcon (can't wait to hear your stories!) - was everyone else as hooked on the internet as I was?

    Wednesday through Friday I have a monthly project at work to keep me and my brain occupied, but first I have another day off tomorrow. Hopefully I manage to spent it writing job applications and answering more mail. Oh, and doing dishes. We'll see.
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    My goodness; applying for jobs is nearly a fulltime job all by itself! Fortunately I'm still working, but that means I get to spend most of my weekend searching for potential employers and writing e-mails. I hardly have time left to play with my new smart phone and there is still so much to explooooooooooore. I'm trying to learn at least one new application every day;)

    Speaking of apps (I totally know the lingo, ha) I've discovered an awesome one for fanfiction. It's for Android and ad-supported, but I've only had it for a week and I'm already addicted because it turns my phone into an e-reader. It's called Codex Fanfiction Reader and it lets you search and save stories from, FictionPress and (most importantly for me) Archive of Our Own. I love it! I fill my library when I'm online and get to read offline while I'm on the bus to and from work, it's brilliant. Thanks to impalaforthree@tumblr for the tip!
    (Y'all probably already knew about that one, I'm a newbie after all;) If you know of apps I should definitely try, let me know.

    Related to AO3: The Organization for Transformative Works is doing a membership drive. You can make a (one-time) donation here.

    Speaking of donating, [ profile] fandomaid is running several campaigns to help victims of the earthquake in Nepal. There are loads of Buy It Now offers, but also a Fundraiser Auction and even a Custom Request section. Whether you're an artist or author who can offer fanworks or a reader or artcollector looking for an opportunity to commission, go over there to check out the options!

    Only one week until the next Supernatural convention and I'm very excited, even though I'm not going to be there myself. The Winchesters will be united on stage again and I will be living vicariously through everyone at Asylum14 in Birmingham, eeeeeeeeeeeek. (I'm hoping someone will ask JDM that ptsd/Vietnam question combo again now that he has had time to think about an answer. I also want family snuggles;)

    Of course as an artist, I'm also counting down to next weekend because of [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang; we get two days to roll around in summaries before claimday on Sunday, wahey!

    Had meant to share a couple of photos after our latest family get-together in Amsterdam, but I only had time for quick birthday-posts in the past few weeks. My mom made some lovely shots of me and brotherdearest:
    Haaaaaaaaaaaair )

    Last but not least.... I booked flights to the USA! I will be flying to Cleveland in August for a roadtrip to Texas with [ profile] tmn1966. I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! FANGIRLING! ROADTRIP! *flails*
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    If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I was sick the last couple of days. What seemed to be a simple sore throat and cold turned into a very snotty and feverish sinusitus. Being at home gave me a lot of time to worry about (lack of) comments on my most recent artwork and all in all I was pretty miserable. I tried to turn that frustration into inspiration with my previous post and today I'm posting happy photos to celebrate that I'm feeling better AND to remind myself there's lots of other good stuff in my life.

    First off these awesome photos of VegasCon I came across on Tumblr:
    Jared, hula hoop dork vs. Jensen, hula hoop god

    Jared by CasKisses + Jensen by GrumpyJackles

    See, I did pay attention to J2. But -just like Jensen- I was mostly mesmerized by this guy:

    SaturdayNight Special & Jeff crashing J2's panel on Sunday <3

    Woot! Found a complete video of JDM's panel \o/ )

    Not fandom, but also fun: mom had given me a fancy dinner out for my birthday and last week we finally managed to go out. We went to restaurant "Kletsen & Proeven", which means 'Chat & Taste', as they offer a special sample-menu where you can try all their dishes in one go. Here is what we had: )

    More family fun
    A week ago I already linked to the photos I made myself when my nephew took me to the Dinosaur exhibit, but his mom posted two really cute ones on Facebook that I'm sharing here: ROOOAAAR! )

    Previous post: COMPLETE SPRINGFLING ARTLIST (Have you guessed mine yet?;)

    Last but not least: check out the awesome story I got as a gift for springfling:
    Moments - a wonderful fic about professor Morgan and his TA Jensen Ackles <3
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    Had free traintravel because of bookweek yesterday, so I went to The Hague for a visit with my family. Brother J joined us for lunch, after that sister-in-law G and nephew R took me to the Museon to see the Dinosaur exhibit. We ended the day at the boulevard (Kijkduin). I posted some photos in my blog:)
    I also shot a video of a T-rex...! (You can hear my darling nephew when he grabbed my hand: "Watch out, auntie J.!" - aaahw)
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    Hey, did you see I finally updated my WIP-artposts? You can catch a glimp of my fiddling here. There will be more on that tomorrow. Today I'm sharing 18 photos of my daytrip to Amsterdam. I went there last Saturday for a bit of speedshopping and to go see The Hungergames: Mockingjay, part 1 with my brother. In between I walked around town and in the evening we visited the wintermarket and saw bits of the Amsterdam Lightfestival.

    Want to come with us and see the Christmas Moose? )
    Which reminds me of another photoset I made of the Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) parade in The Hague three weeks ago. If you're interested in Dutch folklore, check it out in my pictureblog:)

    Hope you liked this walk!

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    After all the weekends staying at home fiddling with artwork for the ReverseBang in the past few weeks (months?) I finally got out of the house again last Saturday;) I went to Amsterdam to do some special shopping, but mostly to visit brotherdearest and to see how he decorated his apartment after I helped with the move in December, before I went to Australia. (Speaking of that trip; a long picspam of week 2 will follow soon!).

    Because I know some of you like to explore Amsterdam with me, I'm sharing some photos of a newly discovered neighbourhood.

    Let's walk! )

    I got a slow train home, which meant I didn't have to change trains AND I had extra time to read. *happy sigh*

    What a great day.
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    Finally found some time to make a selection of photos from my first week of travels. Behind the cut are 40 pictures from leaving Amsterdam and a stopover in Hong Kong to roadtripping around Perth with [ profile] kennsea and exploring the Southern part of Western Australia. Considering I picked those out of a total of 540 photos I made (just the first week, yes, what?) I think that's not too bad a picspam *grins* I invite you to scroll through at your own pace, I tried to keep my commentary to a minimum. If you just want to see kangaroos, go here;). Be warned: there are a couple of alps in here, I think kids today call them selfies? Yeah. This old lady will keep referring to them as arm length photos. Just because it sounds more sophisticated :-p

    Adventures Down Under, part 1 )
    Kangaroos! (and shipwrecks) )

    To be continued :-p

    Thank you [profile] kennsea for offering me a place to stay and being marvelous company. I wouldn't have been able to experience Western Australia as extensively without you. *smishes*
    FYI, flist: K and I met eight years ago in the CSI fandom where I loved his writing right away. A few years ago he published his first novel and since then he's written a follow up and a couple more awesome books and stories. You can find them here! (I recommend Tigers and Devils, I got K. to authograph my paperback version, woohoo *fangirls all over again*)

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