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Last weekend I traveled to Amsterdam for two days of fangirling with [ profile] sillie82 and [ profile] bflyw (who flew in from Norway with her daughter A.). On Sunday evening I took the train to Schiphol airport to pick up B. & A. and accompany them to their hotel. I spent the night at my brother's.
On Monday S. joined us and we hung out in the hotelroom to chat and watch Supernatural before strolling through town until it was time for the Station Breaks concert (Check out [ profile] bflyw's glorious photos!).
On Tuesday we watched some more Supernatural together and explored Amsterdam a bit more. I had a great time:) Here are some photos of our walks...

Day 1: Rembrandt and Concert )

Day 2: Chocolate and Canals )

Speaking of fangirl meet ups: I'll be in London at the end of March. If you're in the neighborhood for tea, let me know!

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banner age of pandora.png

A quiet day, compared to yesterday's hectic events. All I had to do were the dishes, packing for my fangirling trip, finishing touches and photographing my RB artwork and, oh right, my Age of Pandora Work-Out...

Chapter 19 (spoilers for exercises and story) )

My personal Age of Pandora video playlist / Age of Pandora at Darebee website / Modification examples
Work-Out Sets (go to bottom of page to filter preferences / Video Exercises / WARM UP!!

Now I'm gonna get dressed and finish packing for my three days of fangirling in Amsterdam. I will meet up with [ profile] bflyw and her daughter and [ profile] sillie82. Tonight I will pick up BflyW and A. from the airport and escort them to their hotel. I will sleep over at my brother's and tomorrow we'll all meet up to explore Amsterdam. At night we're going to a concert of the Stationbreaks (with Rob Benedict and Jason Manns!) and on Tuesday we'll do more touristy things (and possibly watch some Supernatural *grins*) \o/

Will tell you all about our adventures when I get back!



P.S. Looks like Chapter 20 are all well known exercises I will be able to do at my brother's; I will update you on that later as well.
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One of the reasons I'm clinging to my LiveJournal is that I have saved over 6000 photos in my scrapbook. (6320 to be exact;) It took me years to figure out how to present my photos in a style that works for me and I'm quite content with the way I now make picspams. So here I am and here I'll stay;)
When I went to Amsterdam for the Women's March last weekend, I also spent some time wandering around town with brotherdearest afterwards. Here are some of the pretty sights we saw on our stroll.

Amsterdam by day )

I love Amsterdam.

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This afternoon I went to Amsterdam to join the Women's March; I had been hesitant to go because of my issues with people, but the past few weeks (months...) I've felt so sad and angry and powerless with what's happening in politics all over the world, that I just had to DO something. Consider this my first step in the resistance!
When I mentioned to brotherdearest I was coming to Amsterdam for the March, he asked where I wanted to meet up, so he could join me. That made me a happy and proud big sister:)
Here is a selection of photos I made of the crowd, the signs and the pretty pink hats \m/

We're here, we're loud, we're organized and we're proud )
When we reached the hill at the end of Museumplein, I also shot a short video:

I'm so glad I went to the March, it felt wonderful to see so many people who share my feelings and fears. We will not be silenced!
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After brotherdearest, my mom, her boyfriend and I finished our Illuminade Walk, I convinced them we also had to do the Boat Route with an additional 20 pieces of light art. *grins* The Theme of the waterpart of the Light Festival is A View On Amsterdam and all the light art is either in, on, or next to the canal called the Herengracht which goes all around the city center. There are a couple of installations in the Oosterdok harbour as well, so the only way to see them all is to take a boat tour. \o/

IMG_6998 WaterColors 02012017.gif
First piece is Wolfert's Dog by Tatiana Titova, inspired by an 8th century story I had never heard of, about a Norwegian prince who was saved by the dog of a Frysian fisherman after a shipwreck. When they got caught in another storm, the prince pledged to build a city on the first place the dog would lay down. They ended up on the shore of the Amstel with the dog sleeping peacefully under a tree next to them. [Geert Mak - A Brief Life of the City]

Let's get on the boat for more! )

The special Water Color boat tours run until January 22nd, check out the official Light Festival website for more information. Also for the next edition:)

If you missed the previous two Amsterdam picspams, click here for photos of the Illuminade walk and here for the Ice Sculpture Festival.

Want more? Last year I posted a couple of photos of the 2015-2016 Light Festival in my LiveJournal and in my pictureblog.

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First of: Happy Birthday [ profile] milly_gal! Hope you had a smashing day:)

I had planned to post photos of the Amsterdam Light Festival right after my previous picspam of the IceSculpture Festival, but I had a few whirlwinddays with family-issues, so I had to postpone. But here is the first set of pictures: part one is the Illuminade, a 2,3 km long night time walking route with lots of cool light sculptures, inspired by the theme Biomimicry, think like nature...

IMG_6802 Illuminade 02012017.jpg
Teaser of Rotifers

Wanna see more? )

Last but not least: a video of Tree Hugger by Daan van Hasselt & Asia Jackowska; the lights actually responded to people hugging the trees!

This was merely a selection of the sculptures: some of them were hard to capture with my camera. The Illuminade closed on January 9th, BUT! The Light Festival Water Colors boattours are still going until January 22nd. I'll post photos of those sculptures this weekend:)

If you can't make it to Amsterdam before then, see you next year?

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After my Birthday I had a day off on which I once again didn't finish my Holiday cards... Then I worked for two and half days before I finally managed to do some festive arts & crafts on Friday afternoon, pfew. I delivered the cards to the Post Office on Saturday December 31st on my way to my mom, where I spent New Year's Eve. Some photos of our sparkles here.
A Making Of of the cards will follow once I know they have arrived. (I already heard they made it to the UK and Germany, yay!)

To start the New Year, I had taken another day off work; on Monday January 2nd I went to Amsterdam to hang out with brotherdearest. We went to the IceSculpture festival, this year's theme was Music Inspires.
Here are some photos of the awesome sculptures )
IT WAS SO COLD IN THERE! So afterwards we warmed up with hot chocolate and warm Apfelstrüdel with custard.
Then we went to Central Station to rent a bike for me and we cycled to brotherdearest house to chill and do some groceries before going back to the Station to meet up with Mom and her boyfriend J. who joined us for the Lightfestival Illuminade walk at nighttime. More about that later:)

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I finally sorted my pictures from my awesome trip with brotherdearest to The Efteling Fairytale Theme Park. Featuring rides and lots of photos of the two of us, you have been warned;) It's just that I felt so glorious and happy and I want to remember that. Plus I think you can really see the difference in my face and body from working-out and avoiding crazy foodbinges since January, which makes me proud. Slowly but surely I'm sculpting my body and brain into a shape I'd like them to be in \o/

Anyway, let's go to The Efteling, my favorite Theme Park in the world. All the rides tell a story and the look is based on drawings by Anton Pieck (1895 - 1987) - I love it a LOT.
My brother and I met up at Utrecht trainstation and from there traveled to Tilburg, where we hired bikes to cycle to Kaatsheuvel (about 13 kilometres).

0000-Efteling 16JUL2016.jpg 0001-Efteling 16JUL2016.jpg
Map of the park (I'm still trying to find the one from my first visit when I was 8 or 9, back in the 1970s. Back then it was only the fairytale forest and a pond for canoeing!)
From the Pagode you can see new ride The Baron and behind that the wooden rollercoaster Joris and the Dragon. More about all of these below!

Is that a dragon? )

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If you rather check out my artwork than my travelposts, I posted some papercutting for the [ profile] quicky_bang yesterday: Mission Accomplished.

If you've seen that already or prefer strolling through Amsterdam with me and [ profile] amberdreams and having lunch with her and [ profile] sillie82, here are some photos of our fangirl meet up two weeks ago:)

Fangirls and Rembrandt in 3D )

I had a lovely time, ladies! (Too short!)

(I'm catching up on life and LiveJournal, I'm planning to finally answer comments AND post another picspam of my recent adventures later this week.;)
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Still so superthrilled with how the [ profile] quicky_bang is going. More short stories were claimed this week and a couple of artists already posted their art, very awesome! If you have a little time on your hand and want to play in fandom, there are lots of inspirational fics on offer to art for, come over to the Take Me Now post (commenting on art is welcome too:)

More happy: I received my AKF Love Yourself First top and a cheeky funky pillow I ordered from HUMAN. Click for a closer look at the design *grins*

On Saturday I went to Amsterdam for my baby brother's birthday party (the kid turned 36 on Tuesday, what is time?) and I took the opportunity to stroll through the city center a little beforehand.

I just love our old buildings )

So you can prepare: tomorrow I will post a MASSIVE picspam in honour of a special birthday...

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Oh my goodness *sniffs self*. I discovered an old bottle of soap in my bathroom and it IS SO DELICIOUS! The scent gives me all kinds of feelings; you know, the kind you get after reading a really good fic? Bliss. (I'm also testing a set of samples from Deep Midnight perfumes, will post about that later:)
Speaking of good fic: I grabbed myself one in the [ profile] quicky_bang to illustrate! If you are an artist or know artists looking for inspiration, head on over for all sorts of awesome stories to make art for (so many visuals to choose from!)

Before I'll continue arting, I have a couple of old photos from my latest trip to Amsterdam to share and also this:

My screensaver is a slideshow of my J3 pic-archive and when these two showed up after each other, I just had to combine them for obvious reasons *chinhands* (Credits: JDM - Sam Comen 2010 for Maxim, I could not find an original source or date for young Jensen in his Superman shirt)

Anyway, here are photos from my bicycle and Amsterdam )
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Due to circumstances, I didn't make or send out cards for the holiday season; there will be an end of year post about that later. Until then a big thank you to everyone who send me paper or digital wishes, they were much appreciated (and needed and loved) *smishes y'all*
Yesterday, December 23rd, was my darling nephew's 5th birtday and we celebrated with a trip to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. Here are some photos with limited commentary (I'm not naming all the animals;)

Artis animals and family fun )

Afterwards my mom and I had some time left to go into Amsterdam and when it got dark we tried to find some of the light art in the canals, part of the annual Amsterdam Light Festival. We found some gorgeous pieces (and secretly hope to be able to do a boattour before the end of the festival in January)

Water Colors Light Art: photos and short vids )

Happy Holidays, everyone! May your days be filled with just the right amount of merriness:)

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Hahaha, I checked my most recent posts and noticed it was quite a dose of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Like I have no life. *blinks* But seriously: my current daily life is not that interesting. I wake up, force myself to get dressed, make sure I have breakfast and try to make it through the day with a maximum of job hunting and a minimum of guilt.
Now that I finally seem to have beaten the barking cough, I am able to leave the house again, at least once a day. Often it's as simple as doing groceries or bringing empty jars and bottles to the glass reclycling area, but last Friday I even spent a whole afternoon in Amsterdam, so now I can finally offer you a JDM-less picspam for a change *grins*

Strolling through town and picking the Nightwatch's nose... )

When I cycled home from the trainstation, I passed by this tree. I thought I had imagined things so I got off my bike and walked back to take photos. (First one is taken while a car drove by; the orbs are raindrops. Close up with flash)

Spooky, yes? I like it:)

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I know, I know, I haven't finished picspamming my US Roadtrip yet, and I will get to it this week, promise, but I walked around Amsterdam with brotherdearest last Friday and I didn't want to wait too long sorting out the photos I made there, so I'm sharing those first.
To not confuse the travelpoststag, I did however put those photos up in my Blog instead of my journal, so it's an extra click away for those interested in old Amsterdam architecture;) There is also Red Velvet cake: a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam

By way of teaser here's the Googlemap history brotherdearest recorded on his phone, I added photospots:) We walked most of this before taking a tram back to his place (the pink line;). I have no idea what we did in that one street to cause all the back and forth. *grins*

Click map to zoom | CLICK HERE FOR PICSPAM
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Hey, did you see I finally updated my WIP-artposts? You can catch a glimp of my fiddling here. There will be more on that tomorrow. Today I'm sharing 18 photos of my daytrip to Amsterdam. I went there last Saturday for a bit of speedshopping and to go see The Hungergames: Mockingjay, part 1 with my brother. In between I walked around town and in the evening we visited the wintermarket and saw bits of the Amsterdam Lightfestival.

Want to come with us and see the Christmas Moose? )
Which reminds me of another photoset I made of the Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) parade in The Hague three weeks ago. If you're interested in Dutch folklore, check it out in my pictureblog:)

Hope you liked this walk!

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For my own sanity I've been avoiding any deep involvement with fandom and the internets in general for the past week(s). Life is tough and I'm not in a good place physically and emotionally, hrmpf. BUT! I do have some good memories of my summervacation, so I'm sharing a tiny happy touristy picspam of my day in Amsterdam with [ profile] tanisafan:)
If pigs could fly... )
(Go here for additional adventures with my nephew in fairytale park De Efteling)

I desperately want to catch up with the BigBang art and fic goodies, but I currently can't promise to track back through everything I missed.

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After all the weekends staying at home fiddling with artwork for the ReverseBang in the past few weeks (months?) I finally got out of the house again last Saturday;) I went to Amsterdam to do some special shopping, but mostly to visit brotherdearest and to see how he decorated his apartment after I helped with the move in December, before I went to Australia. (Speaking of that trip; a long picspam of week 2 will follow soon!).

Because I know some of you like to explore Amsterdam with me, I'm sharing some photos of a newly discovered neighbourhood.

Let's walk! )

I got a slow train home, which meant I didn't have to change trains AND I had extra time to read. *happy sigh*

What a great day.
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I have this serious "where my life is at"-post in my head, but still no time to write it. Busy with work, Reverse Bang artwork and preparing for the big trip to Australia (in TWO WEEKS!). This is just a quick picspammy update before I crawl into bed early to get ready for my family's Sinterklaas celebrations in The Hague tomorrow.

Dyed my hair yesterday and I wasn't going to take pictures this time (since it was just a touch up for traveling;) but I simply had to show you the funky black gloves that were in the package of dye.
Beware: I also couldn't resist making a photo of the result... )

Today I went to Amsterdam to help out brotherdearest and his girlfriend with yet another move. Their landlord suddenly had to sell the house, so they were practically kicked out. Luckily they managed to find another apartment at a great location; it has a view over a canal!
In between moving stuff, building a bookcase and hanging up shelves, I went into town (to pick up a present for tomorrow) and had a wonderful hour by myself of checking out yet another part of the city.
It was gorgeous weather for photos! (Of sites, not people;) )

The end.

Night, night! (Expect a picspam of family-fun tomorrow;)
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Last Saturday I went to Amsterdam to visit brotherdearest and in the afternoon I met up with [ profile] sillie82 for some catching up on fandom and life. I had asked her to join me on my (treasure) hunt for more limited edition chocolate bars of Tony Chocolonely and she also helped me find a book for Children's Bookweek \o/
Due to repairs on the railroad, the trains to Amsterdam were ridiculously full and I had to stand back and forth. Fortunately I found a place to lean so I could read*, but it was not very comfortable. Yet over all it was a pretty great day. I also did some zoom-tests with my new camera, so I ended up with loads of photos (again;).

Walk with us? )

*BOOKREC: Silhouette of a Sparrow - Molly Beth Griffin.
Yesterday I started in The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. I'm about a third in and I already suspect that will be my next recommendation;)

I'm guessing most of you will be watching Supernatural tonight, I will be on the couch for The Great British Bake Off. Feel free to squee at me with spoilers, I'll catch up later! Hope y'all have a great evening:)
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This morning I first did a bit of relaxed reading on the couch. When I eventually turned on the computer I spent the rest of my day selecting photos because I wanted to share the awesome time I had in Amsterdam yesterday.
I went there to visit brotherdearest and to go on a quest for Tony Chocolonely's new chocolatebar with seasalt and caramel. This flavour is not available in my town and I had made a treasure map of all the shops in the big city where they were supposed to be sold. I found exactly one shop that had them in stock; all the additional stores my brother and I located were either closed or only had the regular bars! Pfff.

Fortunately our second challenge of the day was more succesful. We cycled all around town to check out this summer's city-art project and saw the most amazing sculptures. You'll find a selection below, as well as some touristy photos and at the end a map of our bicycle-adventure. Hopefully you'll enjoy these spots as much as we did!

Oh, before you go on, you should know that apparently the theme of the art I liked most was "penis". Of course it's all artsy, there is no nude realism and the photos are totally safe for the workplace, but consider yourself warned;)

Art in Amsterdam )

Around nine brotherdearest and I took a train to Utrecht where he had a party and I caught the next train home. I was so very pleasantly sleepy after spending all day outside. I felt very vacationy;) Of course sitting behind the computer all day today wasn't bad either :-p And I have another week off, yay!

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